Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Camera (Video Review)

When I built my house 4 years ago I wanted to have a surveillance camera installed at the entrance. Not for nefarious reasons, but because I just like technology and felt pressing my face up to a peep hole was so two thousand and late. The company I was forced to use wanted to charge me an exorbitant amount for the camera so instead I had them home run the requisite wiring so I could purchase and install a more affordable solution at a later date.

There was a lot going on after the construction of my home, and our corresponding move, that it took me at least a year before I revisited the whole external camera project. After doing some research I quickly learned that the clowns that put the wiring in ran a coaxial cable without a corresponding power line, rendering it useless. Over the years I have looked at a variety of solutions but didn’t want to spend $700-$1400 to get this project online.

Then, earlier this year I noticed Logitech had a system (the Logitech Alert 750e) that retailed for $340. It seemed interesting enough, the reviews were decent but the price was a bit high for my liking.

A little more digging and I found this little gem, the Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Camera for a quarter of the price ($86.68) and comparable reviews.

Now, it’s not like me to go with a non-recognizable brand like Foscam. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a “name brand” guy, but I do like to purchase from a company that I have some familiarity with for support and warranty issues, but the features and price of this $86 bad boy made it difficult for me to say no. So I didn’t.

Last week I received the camera and promptly installed it.

What I Like About It

  • The Price
  • At $86.68 this thing is super cheap.

  • It’s Wireless
  • Although it also has an Ethernet port for physical connectivity, being wireless means that it can connect to your 802.11b/g network even when an Ethernet jack is not close by.

  • It’s an IP Camera
  • This is one of its greatest features and means that it connects directly to your network (translation: you don’t need to connect it to a running computer to have it work.)

    Unlike my printer which is physically connected to my wife’s computer. When I need to print something I need to make sure her computer is on. :(

  • Pan/Tilt support
  • Allows you to change the orientation of the camera 300 degrees horizontally, and 120 degrees vertically.

    The more expensive Logitech camera is a fixed mount.

  • Night Vision
  • Allows you to see in complete darkness (up to 26 feet)

  • Two-Way Audio
  • The embedded microphone and speaker enable you to remotely talk and listen to people by the camera from wherever you are on the planet which is crazy cool.

  • Motion Detection
  • Which can be used to trigger the alarm function that snaps a series of 6 pictures and then emails them off to your gmail account (or other email address). I use it to get notifications when packages are delivered to my front door which is pretty neat.

  • Web Browser Monitoring and Control
  • Since this is an IP Camera it has to be self-sufficient, meaning it can’t rely on software running on a separate computer to function. That’s a good thing!

    Since the device itself does not have a keyboard or display, setup, control, and monitoring are controlled via web browser. Just simply launch a browser on your computer (or iPad, or smart phone) and type in the camera’s IP address (Hence the name IP Camera) to interact with it.

  • Dynamic IP Address Support
  • Allows you to access your feed outside your home network even if your IP address changes.

Real-time Monitoring

The above picture is a snapshot of the browser interface of the Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Camera. The feed displayed is from my freshly mounted camera. If you click on the picture you will be able to see the actual size of the control panel.

The little blue sphere in the top left allows you to pan and tilt the camera (which happens in real-time). You can adjust the camera’s resolution, turn on/off the Infrared camera, adjust brightness and contrast, and enable auto pan and tilt mode which keeps the cameras eye roving around.

This is another picture taken at night to demonstrate the night-vision capabilities. There is a street light off in the distance which is casting light toward the top of the image so what you are seeing is a bit of a hybrid night-vision shot.

Mobile Phone Support

Since the controls are browser-based you can access them from any web browser. I found a nifty application called IP Cam Viewer which is a bit easier to manage on my phones diminutive screen and allows me to not only see and control my camera from anywhere, but also listen and talk through it, even if I am in another country or state. Above is the feed viewed from my Droid X using IP Cam Viewer.

The program is free, but I loved it so much I splurged and paid the $4.99 to remove the ads and support the developer. This cool little app is also available for iPhone and Blackberry and is a worthwhile download even if you don’t have a camera as it allows you to see feeds from a list of beach and traffic cameras.

Video Demo

This short video I created gives you an idea of what the video stream looks like through the browser interface. I also geek-out a bit and show you how I am able to control and interact with the camera through my phone. Nerd alert!

Note: I intentionally recorded the web browser interface at its original size so you could see the actual size and shape of the view port provided by the browser interface. As a result it only takes up a small portion of the youtube video screen (hence the abundance of grey surrounding the image). To really get a feel for the camera’s image quality the video is best viewed at full screen and at 720p.

Device Settings

Setup and configuration of the Foscam FI8918W is contained in the Device Settings tab. Here you can adjust all elements of the camera. The user interface is similar to what you see when you setup a router or DSL modem. So if you have experience setting one of those up, you will be right at home here.

External Video Stream Access

Getting the camera to work outside your network requires that you to do a little port forwarding magic, and if your IP address is dynamic (that is, a new one is assigned to you every time your DSL modem is reset) then you will also have to configure the DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server). Thankfully the FI8918W supports this and Foscam provides step-by-step instructions for setting it up using the free service provided by

UPDATE: is no longer free. With that said, I have been using them for over a year and am very happy with the service and reliability they have provided me. I don’t get it for free (I’m a paying customer as well).

If you decide to go with them this Coupon Code: RFE3ZKBAHP will save you 15% off new non-enterprise DNS/Email Delivery services (New Customers Only) and I will get a 30% voucher to use in the next year on any new/renewed service.

Sounds like a win-win to me! :)

Email Alerts

To take advantage of the motion sensing and alert capabilities you will have to enter your outgoing email credentials into the device and if you want pictures sent you will have to have access to an FTP server. If you have a blog hosted on a provider like Host Gator you will already have access to this so it will be just a matter of entering in the appropriate ftp server address and login credentials to get this working.

Once properly configured you will receive an email with a series of six pictures anytime motion is detected. You can adjust the sensitivity as well as the time (in seconds) between snapshots.

Collecting all the right information and entering it into the requisite fields can be tedious but once you have it properly configured the results are certainly gratifying. Maybe I’m a geek, but I find it super cool to be able to check my porch for packages, or receive an email snapshot of the person ringing my door bell when I am out and about.

Best of all, there are no monthly fees associated with this camera’s use, nor does it require a running computer to work. Once setup, plug it into a power source within your network’s range and rock and roll!

Anyway, that was my latest personal project. I realize it’s a bit off-topic but computers and electronics are a big part of my life. I was really excited about this purchase and thought it would be cool to share. Thanks for indulging me. Now tell me what you’ve been up to.

Update 8/2/2011:

A lot of people have asked how they could embed the live video feed from their Foscam camera into their blog or website. The good news is that it’s not too complicated.

To make it even easier (and eliminate human error), I slapped together a little script that will automatically generate the code you need for your camera feed. Check out the post entitled How to Embed Video from Your Foscam FI8918W Wireless Camera Into Your Web Page.

I have placed this in my new blog where I will focus on technology and other geeky endeavors.

Update 8/12/2011:

Foscam used to have two really important documents on their site that don’t appear to come with the camera (unless I missed it on the installation disk). In any event, I found the FI8918W Quick Installation Guide and FI8918W User Manual before they were removed. I have uploaded them to my site as they are extremely detailed and a great reference.

Update 4/12/2013:

I just added another auto-code generator that will allow you to quickly embed multiple foscam camera video feeds into a single webpage.


  1. deb says

    I have had nothing but stress trying to set my new camera up. I think I may have one of those foscam knock-offs that I’ve read about because it has a hand-cut type of sticker on the bottom that covers up the 2 original SS/N and MAC ID stickers. The new sticker stays “NEW replaces the f18908W”, but it seems a bit hoaky a company to market a new camera model that way. Do you have any insight on that?

    Also, I wanted to try “one more time” to set this up before I gave up and sent it back to Amazon.I had set up a password on it and it worked to let me try and set the thing up one day and then I got a message saying that my password was incorrect the next day. I tried to uninstall the camera so I could go back to the default PW, but I cannot completely remove the camera information from my computer because when I reinstall, it show the camera with the same alias I gave it when I set it up. And it won’t take either the PW I created, or the default.

    Do you know how to get all the info OFF my system and re-set the camera? I can’t use the re-boot on the IP interface because it wants the password. Very frustrating.

    Good review that you shared, btw … if only mine would work like yours does!!

    thanks in advance for any help!


  2. says

    Hi Deb,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. I don’t know anything about the sticker you mentioned. I would look at mine to see if it has the same one but it is mounted outside and in a hard to reach location. I don’t recall seeing anything that would raise a red flag though.

    To Reset The Password
    To reset the administrator username and password, Press and hold down the RESET BUTTON for 30 seconds. Release the power button and the username and password will be reset back to the factory default administrator username and password. Plug the power when doing reset.
    Default administrator username: admin
    Default administrator password: No password

    Also, I recommend that you download the FI8918W-User-Manual and FI8918W-Quick-Installation-Guide.pdf. I found the combination of these guides to be extremely helpful. In fact, the reset procedure posted above is from the User Manual (which was not included in the box).

    Once you reset your password I would make sure that your router has the latest and greatest firmware update. Mine did not, which made connecting to it securely via the wireless interface problematic. Once I upgraded the firmware I was able to resolve this.

    Also, make sure that your foscam camera has the latest firmware revision as well.

    Go to this link and look at the section entitled FI8918/FI8918W for the latest software packages available.

    Do this before doing anything else, otherwise you may encounter challenges that have been resolved through a software fix.

    Let me know how that works out for you and if you have any other questions.

    Hope that helps.


    • EdH in NC says

      After 2 years or so how is your outdorr covered mount for Fascom FI8918 holding up?

      • says

        My camera is still ticking. It has been mounted outside for about 1 year and 3 months now with temperatures ranging from 20-100+ degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not in a covered mount of any sort but is covered by my patio roof to prevent rain from hitting it and seeping into any of the openings. Your mileage may vary. ;)

  3. Jamis says

    Your video was comprehensive and concise. Thank you for taking the time to make it. By far the the most helpful video out there on the Foscam FI8918w! I now look forward to ordering and receiving one (or more) for myself. Awesome!

  4. Young says

    Hi Mark,

    I down load the IP cam and have no idea how to get it to work on my evo phone? Could you please help!

    • says


      I am assuming you can access your camera from your computer’s web browser. If that’s the case, open the IP Cam application on your phone:

      1) Press the Menu button
      2) Select Manage Cameras
      3) Select Add Cam
      4) Select IP Camera from the list

      Once in the Add/Edit IP Camera screen:

      1) Name: Give your camera a descriptive name.
      2) Make: Select your camera make from the list. In my case it is Foscam
      3) Model: Select Foscam FI8918W
      4) Host/IP: This is the IP address of your camera. If you are using then it will be something like
      5) HTTP Port: This is the port number you assigned to your Foscam camera. It should be something like 8100. It’s important that the port number you put here matches what you assigned to the camera. Log into your camera via a web browser and check under Device Management->Basic Network Settings to confirm. Again, I am assuming you are using the Foscam FI8918W camera.
      6) User: The foscam username you use to log into the camera.
      7) Pswd: The login password

      Click save and you should be good to go.

      I am making a lot of assumptions here, but assuming you have the same camera as me and got everything else configured correctly, that’s the general gist of how to get it to work.

      Hope that helps.


      • Young says

        Thank you for your response Mark, i spent 2 days already trying to get it work on my phone, here are the problems.
        I did everything and ran test, message said that could not connect to given hostname/IP port. i did port forwarding 8100, but for some reason, the IP addr and gateway on my camera and router do not match, but it works any way on my computers in my house, tried to change the camera basic net work setting did not make the camera work. Then i tried DDNS, got the message said that was successful, but still could not get it to work in my phone using the address.
        I appreciate your help Mark.


        • says


          I don’t know that I will be able to debug your problem because I don’t know all the particulars with regard to your network configuration. Perhaps seeing how mine is setup will help you figure out what may be wrong with yours.

          My network consists of the following components:

          DSL Modem: Netopia (Model: 2241N-VGx)
          Router: D-Link (Model: DI-624)

          DSL Modem -> Router -> IP Camera (Wireless Connection)

          The DSL Modem connects to my router via one of the four ports. I do not use the WAN connector. Because of that, my router simply acts like a network switch that allows me to connect a bunch of devices to it.

          Because my router is configured as a switch I let my DSL modem act as the DHCP server and assign IP Addresses to each device on my network.

          I enable Port Forwarding through my DSL modem. On my modem this is done by selecting

          Configure -> NAT

          followed by define custom service

          That newly created service is configured as follows:
          Protocol: TCP
          Global Port Range: 8100 – 8100
          Base Host Port: 8100

          This port forwarding is then applied to my camera’s IP address (Example: Host Device =
          Camera Configuration

          Under Device Management -> Basic Network Settings

          Obtain IP from DHCP Server is unchecked.
          IP Addr: Is set to an unused address within my network (example:
          Subnet Mask:
          Gateway: – This is the IP Address of my DSL modem
          DNS Server: – Same as my gateway
          HTTP Port: 8100
          Network Lamp: Checked

          Under Device Management ->DDNS

          DDNS Service:
          DDNS User: The username you created when you setup your DynDns account
          DDNS Password: The password you created when you setup your DynDns account
          DDNS Host:

          That’s how mine is setup. I can access my camera from inside or outside my network by pointing my browser to:

          Hopefully in reading this it reveals a step you might have omitted and gets you online.



  5. Scott says

    Mark, thank you for all your great comments, I just recently bought this cam and I can’t wait to get it up an running. You mentioned that you have it mounted outside, is it on some type of weather proof box or what? If it is in a weather proof box, is that something you designed?

    Thanks again,

    • says

      Hey Scott,

      No, mine is not in a weatherproof box. Fortunately my porch is covered so I don’t have to worry about the elements.

      You might want to look for a weatherproof enclosure, or mount the camera inside if you don’t have a covered space.

      If your handy with a screwdriver you might want to pick up some Plexiglass to create a protective shroud.

      Just some thoughts.

  6. Scott says

    Afternoon Mark,

    Thank you for that information, once I get it running I will most likely build a box for it. However, I am having one issue, my router shows it’s mac address with an a DHCP IP address and for some reason I can not connect to the cam. I was able to at one point and during my config, I think I messed it up. Is there a way to restore the entire cam without the interface to it original / default config?

    Thanks again!

    • says


      To Reset The Password

      Press and hold down the RESET BUTTON for 30 seconds. Release the power button and the username and password will be reset back to the factory default administrator username and password. Plug the power when doing reset.

      Default administrator username: admin
      Default administrator password: No password

      • Scott says

        Thanks, but I need to reset the entire cam back to factory defaults, not just the PW.


        • says


          Once you reset the admin username and password, you can return the camera to its factory defaults via:

          Device Management->Restore Factory Settings


      • carlos says

        I tried to set up a password and something went wrong. Anyway I tried to follow your steps for resetting factory user ADMIN and PASSW none, the fact is to allow that when pressing RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS, it is asking first………authentication with user and password, which obvious, i dont have.
        I dont if i understood wrong or there is something else to do.

        • says


          You have to press and hold the reset button on the Foscam camera for a full 30 seconds to reset everything. Then you should be able to log into the camera with the default username “admin” and password set to blank. Like you said, the Restore Factory Settings option is only available once you have been able to log in so that is not the route you want (or can) go. You have to follow this reset procedure. If it is not working it may be that your reset button is broken.


  7. Scott says

    I can ping the local IP address that my router is giving it, however I can not get to that IP via the browser, so, I would like to reset the entire cam. Is there a way?

    Thank you very much!

    • says

      In this case, make sure you are pointing to the correct port as well. If you assigned it port 8100 and your camera’s internal IP addres is then you would want to point your browser to:


  8. Scott says

    Okay, I fixed that issue… :) it was my mistake. Sorry.

    However, I have set up and config the web cam to port 8100 and a local ip, also configured port forwarding on the router with the ip the cam has to TCP 8100 and enabled it.
    I can’t access it via

    I have rebooted the router and the cam.
    I have double checked the ips.
    I can ping the cam from within my network to the local IP.
    I can reach my router interface by going to
    On the cam interface I get DynDns Succeed

    I am lost now… any thoughts would be greatly appreicated!

    • says


      Your configuration is a little different then mine. Sounds like your router is setup as a DNS server. In my case, my DSL modem is setup as the DNS server.

      Can you access your camera interface by typing the camera’s local IP address and port?


      Where is whatever you assigned as the local IP address of your camera.

      If so, that would suggest port forwarding is not configured correctly.


  9. Jim says


    First, thanks for the informative review of this camera. I’d like to get this camera but I’m unsure if it works with a wireless N router. I can’t seem to find any other info on this other than it works with g routers. Do you know if it will? Thanks…


    • says

      Hey Jim,

      Funny you should ask. I just finished setting up a new wireless N router 30 minutes ago. (The D-Link DIR-655) and the camera is working perfectly connecting to it.

      The camera itself supports both 802.11 b and g, so as long as your N router is backward compatible you should be fine.


      • Jim says

        Thanks Mark, I believe that it is…I guess I’ll order it…The scary part will be setting it up, between your review and some instructional videos on YouTube, I hope I can do it…The Wife wanted a webcam, but I wanted something a bit more versitile (something that could be used as a webcam and something that could be used as a Survelance cam. We’ll be going on a 7 day cruize in a couple of months and I wanted something I could keep an eye on the dog with, we have doggy doors so she can let herself out and we have neighbors and friends that’ll be checking up on her. This cam looks like it might do the trick…Seems like it puts out a pretty good video/picture…

  10. Ray B says

    Need help with Airport Extrem Router
    I think the problem is in the settings on the Airport.
    The Cam works fine wireless and wired local.I can not access it over the internet.
    I loaded IP camviewer on to my droid X, I can not get that working as I do not know the internet IP address on my router I tried putting in all the IP addresses I can find and no good.I can not find any help on Apple and they want to charge this old man for tech support. I need the correct http:// address to put in and how to set up the Airport to permitt this access.

    • says

      Hey Ray,

      As you have found, getting the camera to work on an internal network is fairly strait forward. Getting it to work outside your network is a little more challenging depending on how your network is setup.

      Thankfully Foscam has a step-by-step procedure for setting it up. Make sure you look at the FI8918W-User-Manual and FI8918W-Quick-Installation-Guide.pdf.

      You will need to know:

      how your network is setup
      if your cable company provides you with a static or dynamic IP address

      Then follow the instructions in the Foscam Users Guide and Quick Installation Guide.

      Also, if you have not done so already, go back and read the comments in this thread as I have provided a lot of guidance that may answer some of your questions.

      Hope that helps.


  11. Ray B says

    I just talked to my Cable Co and they tell me they block port 80 and port 25 can the Foscam work on another port. Or is there any way to get around this?
    Thanks Ray B

    • says

      Yes Ray,

      In fact Foscam recommends port 8100 (as they assume it is available and unblocked on most networks).

      The field to change is called Http Port and can be found under Device Management -> Basic Network Sttings


  12. Ray B says

    I have never spent so much time trying to set a device up.As I said the unit woks fine in local mode but to get it on line?? Has to be an issue with port fwding or something that is set wrong on the Airport Router.
    I called Foscam and forget IT they would not talk to me as I purchased the unit rom Amazon. They told me in so many words “well send it back” If I do I sure will not purchase another one of Foscam products.
    In loooking about the net I see so many people have an issue setting this up on line.
    Thanks For Your Help
    Ray B

    • Jim says


      Youtube has several indepth videos showing how to set this cam up, infact, one shows it with an Airport router, you may want to take a look…Thanks for the heads up on Amazon, I was going to purchase mine from them…Good thing it can be returned in case there are issues with it.

  13. Terry says

    The foscam-fi8918w setup went off without a hitch from my mac, and I was immediately able to view live video from google chrome beautifully. I have been unable to get gmail alerts to work though. Here are my settings:
    SMTP server:
    SMTP port: 587

    Pushing the test button results in an error message “Failed. Can not connect to the server”. Also, the ftp setting give me the same error message.

    Can you give me the exact configuration details that you used to get the email alerts and ftp transfers to work?


    • says


      I am connecting through a dedicated server. With that said:

      + Make sure you tick (i.e. enable) the Need Authentication box.
      + MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Click Submit to commit your changes before hitting the Test button. It will fail every time if you don’t commit your changes before testing.

      Let me know if that resolves your issue.


  14. stuart says

    I appreciate all your efforts here. I think i’m close to getting access from outside my network but not quite. If I enter my hostname in the address bar “” it prompts me for my router password and then takes me to my router setup page. But if I enter the port of my camera (8100) after the hostname in the address bar as: I don’t get to the camera log in page. Any idea what i’m missing?

    • says


      Try this test.

      From within your network try to connect directly to your camera with its internal IP adress and port. It should be something linke 192.168.x.x:8100 (where “x.x” are the specific numbers for your camera.

      If you can connect to it that way then your camera is configured correctly and you probably have a port forwarding issue.

      To fix it so it works externally, make sure you are forwarding port 8100 in your router to the internal IP address of your camera.

      I describe how I did this with my configuration in a previous comment. Search the comments for “Port Forwarding”.

      Let me know if that helps.


  15. stuart says

    Mark. It turns out that my USrobotics 54g router purchased in 2004 was not compatible / DNS could not be configured. Got a $28 Belkin, set up the DNS and can now get access from outside the network. Thanks for your help.

  16. Dan says

    Well I have purchased this camera (i’m using it inside my house), but i’m having a problem on seeing people/objects while they are moving. only the moving objects are blured and unfocused while the rest of the objects look fine, I have tried to adjust the lens, but the problem still persists, any idea how to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance,


    • says


      I thought I responded to your comment a few weeks back. WordPress must have eaten it when I submitted it. In any event, I have not experienced the problem you describe where moving objects appear blurry.

      As this may be a lighting issue I suggest you try switching the camera Mode, Brightness and Contrast. These settings are available in the Live Video section of the web interface.

      If that doesn’t solve things you may have a defective camera.

      Please let me know if this solves your problem.


  17. says

    hi jsut bought 2 foscam. one works ok at home but I cant seem to get access away from home which is really why I want it, I want to have one at home as a rc surveillance camera and one in our radio station for the public to watch the radio programmes on air and embed this feed into our website.
    the ip is, what else do I need to do?

    • says


      The IP Address you provided is your internal network IP address. That’s why you cannot access it from outside your network.

      You need to setup port forwarding and a free account with (if your external IP address is dynamically assigned).

      Take a look at this comment where I describe my setup and the steps I followed to configure it. If you still have specific questions let me know and I will do my best to help.

      Embedding your feed into your website sounds like an interesting application. I have not done that myself so I can’t speak to it. If you figure it out please share it here. I would love to know how that works out.

  18. Doug says


    The specifications only have the camera supported up to Vista. Have you (or anybody else) successfully installed it under Windows 7 (64 bit)? TIA.


    • says


      Since the camera is an IP Camera and is both accessible and configurable through a web browser (like a router or DSL modem) it is pretty much Operating System agnostic. In fact, you don’t even need a computer to be on for it to work once you have it up and running.

      In any event, for what it’s worth, I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 and had no problem setting up or remotely accessing the camera.

      To further demonstrate the camera’s non-reliance on any particular operating system, I can also access the configuration screen through the browser in my Android-based phone.

      Hope that helps,


      • John says

        Hi Mark,
        I’m also using Windows 7 64 bit and can’t set up the camera using the included software. How can I do it through a web browser?

        • says

          Hi John,

          To configure the camera you must use a web browser. The included software is used solely to help you determine the IP address of your camera so you know what address to enter into your browser.

          If the software is not finding the camera then you will have to figure out the camera’s assigned IP address by logging into your router and searching for it in the list of attached network devices.

          Once you have that IP Address, put it into your browser to access the camera’s “Control Panel”.

          Alternatively, if you have an android phone you can also use Overlook Fing to see all the devices in your network (provided that your phone is also connected to the wireless network).

          Before doing any of these things however, take a look at section 2.1 of the FI8918W-User-Manual as it may address the issue you are having with the IP Camera Tool.


      • Mike Avgenackis says

        You mention that you don’t need a computer running to access the Foscam camera. If you don’t have a static IP address, how do you know what address your ISP provider is using so you can access your camera? It would be great if I could access my camera from outside of my local network, but something tells me I need a computer connected on my local network to be turned on and running the Dyndns client software.

        • says


          If you have a dynamic IP address you will need to use dyndns to access your foscam externally.

          Dyndns provides you with a static ip address that magically keeps track of your real ip address.

          Once you configure dyndns and map it to your current IP address you can then access your camera by pointing your web browser to your dyndns ip address.

          The setup requires a computer but once you have configured things you don’t need to leave a computer on at home for it to work. Your camera is the computer fully capable of handling the http requests that are directed to it via its assigned port number. Capiche?

  19. says

    Hi Mark:
    I want to use a Foscam FI8918W at a small Inn I own on Sanibel Island FL and will need an eoutdoor nclosure. Any ideas on an inexpensive enclosure? Also, I would love to have Guests access this camera as wellfrom my website (sales & marketing tool). Will I need supplemental sofware etc?

    • says


      You can easily add a live feed to your website with the following code:

      Live Feed

      Where XXXXX is your unique subdomain (assuming you created one with

      I am also assuming that you will be configuring your camera to port 8100.

      That’s it!

      As far as outdoor enclosures are concerned, I have not found any that will fit this particular model. The ones I have found are as expensive as the camera.

      If you could install your camera in an area that is covered you should be golden. Otherwise you may have to craft something yourself or purchase another model like the Foscam FI8905W which comes waterproof for outdoor installation.

      Looks like the only feature you will lose is the ability to remotely pan and tilt the thing.

      Hope that helps.


  20. JSH says


    Did you power your camera via DC power on your porch, or did you try and go with Power over Ethernet (POE)?

    • says


      Quite frankly I didn’t know POE was even an option. In my install I have an A/C outlet nearby that I connect to.


  21. Elias says

    Hey thanks for the review Mark. I have a question for you. Do you know how to use the audio feature with the computer? Many thanks

    • says

      Hey Elias,

      You have to use Windows Internet Explorer for this feature to work in a browser.

      From within IE select the For Visitor section.

      There will be two tiny icons that you can toggle to talk or listen. I have highlighted them here:


      • David says

        While the audio buttons can be pressed and appear to be turned on. I can hear nothing. I may have misunderstood but thought that there were speakers and a microphone embedded in the FI8918W. Is there something else that I must do to take advantage of this feature when using IE. BTW, when I load with Chrome the Visitor application does not show up as an option. There is a requirement to add a plug-in for audio from places like VideoLan but I cannot figure out how to find and input the correct VideoLan plug-in

        • says


          You understood correctly. The FI8918W does have an embedded speaker and microphone. If you don’t hear sound I would check your computer’s settings. Not sure how the sound is routed but it may be broadcast on a channel that you have muted.

          Another very important note is, to take advantage of the speaker and microphone you must be running the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. The 64 bit version will not work because it is a “level 2″ browser; Flash and ActiveX Controls are only supported in “level 1″ browsers.

          I just tested it on the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 myself and could not get an image or the speaker/microphone buttons to work at all. Once I ran it on the 32 bit version it all worked flawlessly.

          To check your browser’s version click the gear icon in the top right and select About Internet Explorer. If you are running the 64-bit version it will say 64-bit Edition to the right of the version number.

          To run the 32-bit version
          Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

          For more information about this see this article.

          Let me know if this helps,


          • Steve says


            I read about running the 32-bit version of IE 9 as I also was running the 64-bit version. I loaded the 32-bit as you mentioned above and instead of a black box with a red X in the middle, in the 32-bit version, I simply get an all black box and can’t do anything else. I’ve seen videos on youtube showing people getting prompted for an ActiveX control but I never did. I’ve done what Foscam suggested in the manual about ActiveX and still can’t get it to work.

            I’m also testing an app on my droix razer maxx and it works great with 1 camera. I suppose I have to upgrade to somehow view all 3 of mine.

  22. Carlito says

    I just now installed my foscam FI8918 and was curious about outdoor enclosures. I didnt’ really have a lot of issues but I still read your post and the discussions. I just want to say, kudos like people like you who take the time to share their knowledge. It is much appreciated!!!

    I did learn from here that I can embed the video into my website. That is great, and again I thank you for taking the time to respond to questions.

  23. chanman says

    hey mark,

    thanks for all this information. i have set my camera up and it is working good. even did the setup which helps a lot since i don’t want to remember the entire IP address.

    my question seems to be the same one a lot for ppl in forums discuss. when i press the audio to speak TO the camera, a clicking noise emits from the camera. any ideas why this is and how i can fix?

    • says

      I experienced the same thing. I think it was documented in my video. In either case, where are you pressing the audio button from? The Foscam’s web interface or from a third party app? The reason why I ask is because it may be a driver issue. I get the clicking sound from my camera when I try to talk through a third party app on my Android phone. Not sure if that same clicking sound is produced when you press the microphone button from the Foscam’s Internet Explorer interface.


      • chanman says

        Hey Mark,

        The clicking noise happened both through the IP Cam (android) app & through Internet Explorer. I’ve done some additional research through online forums and A LOT of users are experiencing this problem. Please read the following review and take note to the hardware modification procedure at the bottom of the review. Looks like the PDF instructions were provided by Foscam so they are aware of this defect in the hardware construction. Also read through the comments section for additional info, I know it’s a lot to read but it really sounds like they are on the right track.

        I do hear the clicking in your video but it doesn’t sound as bad as mine. and your voice at least carries through the speaker. When I talk through mine, it is very muffled and low. I feel like i have to shout to my phone or computer so that my voice is loud enough on the other side. The clicking noise is very loud too. Let me know if you can relate and if you have any best practices to fixing this. I don’t really want to have to solder a resistor to a brand new product but nor do i want to have to ship back this device to the authorized ebay reseller which they’ll probably make me pay for shipping).

        Please let me know and Thanks!


        • says


          Good info! Thanks for sharing. As demonstrated in the video, I too get the loud clicking noise. I don’t use the remote audio function too much so I have not really looked into improving it.

          I did read online that someone was extremely pleased after they connected a notebook microphone to the external mic jack. You may want to try that first before messing around with a soldering iron. This particular mic is $2.00.

          That combined with a small external speaker may eliminate the dreaded clicking sound and provide a reasonable level of amplification.

          That’s the approach I would take. In fact, I just ordered that mic right now to see what kind of improvements I get. I will report back when I get it.


          • Sam Roe says

            hey Mark,

            Lots of great info here. Think I would like to add an external mic. You didn’t name the mic or a link to it. Could you tell me which one it is?


          • says

            I mentioned earlier that I purchased the Mini 3.5mm Flexible Microphone which is cheap and has a great form factor, but it did not improve things. If you have any luck getting the audio and mic to work acceptably let me know. I would be interested to hear what you did.


  24. Doug says

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you very much for your shared information. Do you know if it is possible to have two FOSCAMs that can be accessed from outside the home network? From the DYNDNS setup you described above, it sounds like it can only forward one IP address to one camera. If I sign up for two DYNDNS accounts, would it be possible to control two cameras behind the same home network remotely? Thanks again!


    • says


      Yes, you certainly can have two Foscam cameras setup and accessible outside your network. In fact, I’m doing it right now.

      Best of all, you don’t need a second DYNDNS account to do it either.

      To Setup A Second Camera

      Setup the second camera the same way you setup the first.

      Give it a unique internal IP Address and unique port. For instance if you assigned your first camera to port 8100, assign your second camera to port 8101.

      Setup port forwarding (just as you did before with your first camera install) so that any external traffic being sent to your externally visible IP address at port 8101 is sent to the unique internal IP Address you assigned to this camera in the previous step.

      To access your camera’s you would do something like this:

      Camera 1
      Camera 2

      That’s it!

  25. Eric says

    Hi Mark,

    I am looking into getting one of these cams since they are on sale. Have you ever tried recording the video from the feed? For instance, if there is a break in, I would want to look back at the video to maybe ID a person or vehicle. Could you give an estimate of the storage required for 24 hours of video? I imagine this would require having a PC running for the storage.

    I was leaning towards a canon camera with CHDK and motion detection, but now I am considering this IP camera instead. The idea with the CHDK is that you only record the motion events. I understand this IP camera has a similar feature though.

    I am also looking to put this under a covered area. Thanks for all the great info you have posted so far!


    • says

      Hi Eric,

      I have not used the camera to capture video but your question made me curious so I ran a little test.

      I taped a 1 minute stream of video from my camera and ended up with an .avi file 3,334KB in size. If we multiply this by the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day we get 3,334KB * 60 * 24 or roughly 4.8 GB/day.

      NOTE: I had very little motion in my video. If you are recording a very active scene your file size may be larger.

      There is also an alarm mode that records one minute of video when motion is detected.

      Since recording is done with Active X this feature is only available through the Internet Explorer web browser interface.

      As you suspected, you will need a computer running locally to store the resultant AVI file.

      Hope this helps.


  26. says

    Thank-you for taking the time out and reviewing this product, I found this on sale for $64.99 at a local (but retail) computer store and bought it because it looked cool. Very detailed yet concise review! Cheers, -Syed

  27. Alessandro says

    Mark, thanks a lot for your review, I was already an user of IP Cam Viewer and this camera is its most cost effective companion. After reading your blog I bought 2 of them and they work like a charm.

    I’m not able to switch IR from IP Cam Viewer though, do you have any hint?

    • says


      You can toggle IR on/off via IP Cam Viewer as follows:

      1) Select PTZ Preset
      2) Rotate phone to landscape
      3) On the second row there are two buttons off (in red) and on (in blue). These buttons allow you to toggle the IR of the remote camera. I leave mine set to always on so I don’t have to deal with it later.

      Hope this helps.


  28. byron says

    this is my last try before i return it :-)

    1. I could visit/control it locally.
    2. I used to test port forwarding and it looks ok:

    … is open and accepting connections. This indicates the port is not being blocked by either a firewall or your ISP and is currently operational.

    But i cannot visit it through

    why why why :-(

    3. I’m using att 2wire. for port forwarding, it doesn’t allow me to enter an IP address, but device name. for “basic network settings”, I tried both “obtain ip from dhcp server” checked and unchecked. both got port forwarding tested good.
    but, doesn’t work. frustrated.

    thanks ….


  29. byron says

    got email alert working … just need to find a free smtp service that allows “disable ssh” … i don’t need ftp. so basically done.
    wow. two days. isn’t it funny given i’m a COMPUTER SCIENCE professor?

  30. says

    Mark, in your experience, when you unplug the camera from electrical outlet, does it hold its programming so that you do not have to reconfigure it the next time you plug it in?

  31. says

    Can’t set the password for the admin account on the FI8918W. I have made several attempts to set the admin password. Each time I’m forced to reset the camera because it locks me out. Is it a firmware problem.

    • says

      Not that i’m aware of.

      Sounds like something is off. Perhaps the characters you are using for your password are not acceptable.

      Try a simple password as a test and see if it takes. If that works then try making it more complex.

      Also, if you cannot log in after changing your password try using the default credentials.

      Username: admin
      Password: as in nothing.

  32. Nosh says

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for all your answers very helpful, I am just wondering how can we set up smtp and FTP service for email alert and pictures upload to email. I am using gmail. Could you please write the steps to setup motion detection and image uploads for GMAIL account.
    Thanking in advance

    • says


      You will need FTP access to some server if you want to have pictures emailed to you. This is because the camera will send an email and link to the pictures (stored on the FTP server) in that email. You cannot get pictures with an email account alone.

      I use my own server for both email sending and ftp so the steps I am providing you here are untested. Let me know if they work.

      Keep in mind, the manual does a great job of telling you precisely what fields need to be set to get this whole thing configured. Rather then repeat the same thing I am just going to focus on the google smtp settings and how I believe they need to be set.

      To Setup Email Alerts
      1) In the Foscam Admin Panel select the Device Management tab
      2) Next select Mail Service Settings
      3) Fill out the Sender and Receiver emails addresses as appropriate. NOTE: Your Sender should be your gmail account. Example:
      4) SMTP Server:
      5) SMTP Port: Seems like this should be 465, 587, or 25
      6) SMTP User:
      7) SMTP Password: Your Google password.
      8) IMPORTANT!!! Click submit before proceeding to step 9.
      9) Hit Test button to test configuration.

      If all that works

      Go to Alarm Service Settings
      1) Make sure the tick box for Motion Detect Armed is set.
      2) Send Mail on Alarm is also checked.
      3) And if you have setup your FTP server check the box entitled Upload Image on Alarm

      I believe that will work. If you could confirm the proper port number to use (I’ve given you 3) it would be most appreciated.


  33. Chris Pangilinan says

    Mark, i just ordered two of these cameras and cant wait to get them up and running due to an attempted break in a couple of days ago. Sounds complicated…. I run 2wire as my home network from ATT, use a majority of MAC products and one pc with ubuntu so i hope i have less issues conecting them. @ Byron, i noticed you run the same network and got your stuff working. I think you would also be a a good source of knowledge since we have the same home network. Will report back of how it goes once my cameras arrive. Chris

    • says


      Sorry to hear about your break-in. Keep us posted with regard to your install. There are several people who have posted regarding 2wire and ATT so any insight you can share will be extremely helpful.


  34. John Fleming says


    This review and comments just great. My problem is simple, but I am stuck. I am still at the software stage. I installed the software IP Camera Tool and when I double click the window appears but nothing is listed. I can’t even get to the dificult part. the camera is pluged in and a network cable is pluged in. I checked my router setup with the suggestions in the booklet. nothing in the window. Any suggestions?

    • says


      Try this:

      1) Find out your subnet mask in Windows by clicking Start > Select or type “Run” into the text field and press “enter” > type “Cmd” and “enter” > Type the words “ipconfig” and press enter.

      2) You will see “Subnet Mask………″ or a similar number towards the top.

      3) Copy that number into the “Subnet Mask” field in the IP Tools Network Configuration menu after you double click “Anonymous Subnet doesn’t match, dbclick to change!.”

      4) Restart IP Camera Tool program and the camera should appear in the window – Goto Step 7. [Please be sure to wait a full 45 seconds for the camera to properly restart before expecting it to reappear each time settings are changed. (If you are still failing here give me a call, you may need a replacement).]

      This is from the Foscam website:
      Camera Setup Guide

      Let me know if this helps.


      • John Fleming says


        Thanks for your suggestions. I know the camera setup guide says one of three things will happen when you launch the IP Camera Tools Program. Well, I have a fourth, nothing appears in the window, nothing.

        I think my Router may be set-up wrong but I do not know what to change. I am sure there is a simple solution I just don’t know what it is.


        • John Fleming says


          I was about to send the camera back, when I decided to use my laptop instead of the Desktop. On my first try a camera showed up in the window. Success, what have I learned… Well, don’t give up stop for a while and come back and try again. Reading the Quick Guide and the Complete Guide also gave me idea’s to try.

          Your coverage is simply put outstanding, and you continue to help even when you have already explained it before. Thanks for the hard effort from hundreds of us Non-Nerds who still don’t know about Port Forwarding but just follow directions.

          It feels good to finally make it work, thanks again for your help.


          • says

            Thanks for your feedback John. It made me smile. Glad you were able to get it to work.

            I too find that stepping away from a problem typically reveals the answer. I tend to get tunnel vision sometimes when I stare too long at an issue. :)


  35. Chris says

    Trying to get the Camera to work on internet. Cant seem to get the ddns settings right. I run 2wire from att. I got as far as running the cqmera on wifi. Need help! opened my dyndns acct bu fails. Also no specifics on port when i go to my router and try to set up port forwarding. 2 wire is a bit weird and cant find anything on the firewall settings. Only apps,pinholes &dmz.

  36. Chris says

    I think my problems is with trying to set up port forwarding with 2wire. Need byrons help!

  37. says

    Hi Mark!

    Thank you from the Netherlands, Utrecht. I bought a Foscam some weeks ago..
    I’m not very good with computers, and the quick installation guide was not very good.

    I did some google, found this/your page.. and it helped me all around.

    I’ve got everything to work! even that mobile app. on my HTC Desire is.
    (qwestion, is your cam private? I mean can other people not ‘google’ it? or find it in a cam page? )

    Other question is the same as Nosh.

    I like to have images sended to my Gmail account.
    I tried all what you said, but he says:

    Test … Failed
    Can not connect to the serve

    I hope you have an idea, otherwise thank you very much for all the help!

    Albert, HOlland

    • says

      Hello Albert,

      As far as the camera being private, assume anyone can find anything on the internet. Whether it is indexed by default (i.e. will appear in search results) depends on many things so it’s best to assume the worst.

      My advice, use a secure password to help keep prying eyes off your feed.

      As far as sending images to your gmail account, do you have an FTP server. You will need that first if you want to send pictures.

      For the gmail settings to work you can also try the following SMTP Server

      As I understand it, Google does not allow you to send mail remotely through their network unless you use a secure connection.

      I believe the Foscam camera is incapable of connecting securely.

      From what I found on the Internet the SMTP Server ( allows for non-secure connections.

      NOTE: Because that port is non-secure your credentials may be sniffed as it propagates across the internet.

      An alternative is to use your ISP provided email address to send the email alarms to your gmail account.

      Let me know if that helps,


  38. Andrew says

    Hello Mark,
    As you’vev mentioned to Eric, “There is also an alarm mode that records one minute of video when motion is detected.” How do you set this up to email the video? Also, are you aware of a way to set the recording to a NAS or external drive, so the camera wouldn’t require a local PC to be constantly running to capture videos in length?
    Thanks in advance,

    • says


      I don’t use the video recording feature so I can’t say for sure but as far as I understand it there is no way to email video.

      Also, the only way to get video recording to work is through the Internet Explorer browser interface which requires a running computer. Although you could most likely configure it to record to your NAS (Network Attached Storage), it will not eliminate the need to have your computer running.

      If your NAS is linux-based and supports FTP some guy wrote an interesting script to accomplish this. See this thread.

  39. says

    Hey Mark,

    I have a question, i want to access my camera from a external IP, i did all the portforwarding stuff.
    I can access the camera’s webinterface, log in. But the camera doenst work, after about 1 minute i get the message.
    “0 : Fail to connect to the device: Can’t connect to the device”. however i can reach the webinterface so access thru my firewall/router seems allright.

    Do you have any ideas?

    The Netherlands ^^

  40. says

    I already figured it out :).
    It seems the network where i am logged in, are blocking the videostream.
    On a other network, it seems to be working just fine :).

  41. Nosh says

    Thanks Mark,

    Need little more help, I bought this camera today, After installing Ip camera software on windows Vista, when I double click on IP address of cam in IP CAMERA TOOL, that ip address disappears and then appear again on screen, it keeps happening and IP address does not stay still. I believe link gets broken so that login page also does not appear. Norton is off so is Firewall. I use Vista, its because first time installation, cam is connected through ethernet cable and laptop is on WIFI. DO you think its because of router or what? Appreciate your help in Advance.
    Thanks Again

    • says

      Hi Nosh,

      I wold not worry too much about the IP Camera Tool. That’s there to help you find your camera’s IP Address.

      Write down the IP address that is displayed and enter it in to your web browser to access the camera’s control panel directly.

      If you are still having trouble it would be worth disabling WiFi on your laptop and connecting it physically (via Ethernet cable) to your router to see if that is the cause of your problem. You might have an intermittent wifi connection. Let me know if that helps.


  42. Clay says

    Im useing a att 2wire wifi modem. For some reason the foscam is causeing my modem to lock up while im setting up the cam. I plug the cam into the modem to set up, click on the ip address, it brings up the web page to view the camera then my modem starts reseting. if i dont unplug the cam after a few resets, the modem will show a red power light and be locked up for several hours. the only way to reset it is to leave it unpluged from the power for hours!!! I was so close. please help

    • says


      I would suggest that you update the firmware of the 2wire modem. Make sure you have the latest and greatest version. This may make that problem go away.


  43. John says


    I have been researching options for a baby monitor and I’m new to ip cameras so I have some questions. What I was looking to do is get an Android tablet as a monitor and use an ip camera. So far I’ve come across foscam FI9818w and kare n5402jv on Amazon as camera options…I like the tilt,pivot, audio, night..etc. I am looking at the herotab c8 or minipad 7 for tablet options. Based on apps for Android it looks like this will work but a big request from the wife is that its portable to take to parents or friends. Are these types of setups portable? Has anyone done something similar? It does need to be fairly easy to use for her to be on board instead of buying ur typical videomonitor. Any suggestions, tips…etc are much appreciated. Thanks!

    • says


      Although baby monitors come with “night vision” I would be a bit nervous about painting my child in infra-red light for 8-10 hour every night. I’m anal that way. If that does not concern you then any camera would do.

      I like the Foscam for this application because you could stream video within a home nework and access it out side as well once you setup The IR Can be toggled on and off remotely from an Android-based phone or tablet. I’m using IP Cam Viewer on my Xoom these days and it looks awesome!

      You can toggle audio on/off as well so you can hear baby as he/she sleeps, though I am not sure if it is going to be as sensitive as a proper baby monitor as the microphone gain is not adjustable. You will have to experiment and see. Screen timeout might also be an issue on your mobile device as well, so if you want to have baby popped-up on the screen for any length of time you may have to have a power cord plugged into your device and configure some settings. Not sure about this but it is something to consider. If you just want to check in on your baby periodically then this is a non-issue.

      As far as portability is concerned, the nice thing about a Wireless IP Camera is that you can unplug it and move it to a new location in your house (within your wifi network) and it will seamlessly reconnect and begin streaming once power is supplied and the network connection is reestablished (after about a minute or so).

      I’m afraid for your application however, where you want to seamlessly move it between houses (i.e. different networks) this will not be the best solution. You will need to reconfigure this thing each time you move it to a new locale which makes it a non-ideal solution. It’s certainly not plug-n-play in that regard.

      So if you want to leave it at a single location, move it around a single network, access it remotely from outside the network (like while you and wifey are at the Movies) an IP Camera could work.

      If on the other hand you want something with zero to no setup overhead, the ability to move it to different locations (i.e. grandma/friends/your house) you will probably want something that is more self-contained. The disadvantage would be that you probably won’t be able to access it unless you are within range of the camera (i.e. living room to bedroom).

      Hope that helps,


      • John says


        Thank you for such a very thought out response. I have a couple additional questions being new to this. In reading your response it is not possible to connect to the camera directly skipping the network? To clarify if we were going to a friends or parents house I wouldnt expect to connect to their network but rather directly to the camera. I know it wouldn’t broadcast over the internet but when travelling we wouldn’t need that option. As far as the tablet I’ve read that they typically last around 5 hours which seems enough but would be able to keep charged. I am curious about the lights, are they bright? I have seen other pictures of others using a similar set up and didn’t appear to bright in the picture. The stuff u buy from babys r us an others seem expensive for what u get so I was trying to come up with a creative way to monitor over internet, use a tablet, PTZ camera with night vision for around same price. Again thank you for helping out this newb.

        • says

          Alright John,

          You got me thinking my brother. I love what you are trying to accomplish and where you are going with this. You are right. If you are going to plunk down a few hundred for a baby monitor with limited functionality it would behoove you to spend a little more to create a more dynamic and multi-functional solution. I would totally be doing the same thing. It’s a good way to get your wife to buy into a technology upgrade. :)

          With that said, I did not put much thought into a direct connection with say an Android device. Although they do support it, the carriers like to turn them off and then charge you to enable that native OS feature.

          I’ve been rocking a wireless tether using an android app that allows me to setup a bluetooth wireless hotspot. That won’t help you in this case.

          A little more digging around and it just so turns out, the latest Froyo build (which was released a couple of weeks ago on my Droid X) has WiFi wireless tethering enabled. I haven’t fully tested it (although I will today) but that looks like the secret sauce that will allow you to travel with a portable network that you can use to setup the monitor in other peoples homes. I will test the wireless tether today between my Droid X and Xoom.

          So I say this part of the challenge is plausible.

          As far as the brightness of the lights is concerned, I am not sure I understand your meaning. If you mean the brightness of the screen on my Droid X or Xoom then they are plenty bright.

          Please keep me posted on this project.


  44. Ian says

    Hi Mark,
    I have my FI8918W up and running thanks to some tips from this Q&A. Everything seems to be working, my remote access works but the refresh rate is very slow when I’m outside my home network, is this a problem with my wireless settings?, my isp speeds? (5M down/800k up)… any help would be appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Ian,

      The refresh rate will suffer slightly outside your network because of all the routing that takes place. I notice that when I access the camera from within my network it is a bit zippier. With that said, what you see in the video i posted is what you should expect when accessing your camera from outside your network.

      I think I have like 5M down/384k up so you have better specs then me. You might want to check with to see if you are actually getting the speeds your ISP charges you for.


  45. Nosh says

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the help, I think problem was with modem, i had a spare one and worked fine with the other modem. Any way I tried what you told about old modem but did not work, when i enter ip address broweser keeps looking for it, then observed if IP address appears in Camera tool page will be available but if ip address disappears browser keeps going, Any way problem is solved with other modem, About email alerts gmail does not work, but GMX works alright. Any way thanks for all your help.


    • says

      Awesome! Thanks for reporting back Nosh. This will help others who have similar problems explore other solutions.


  46. Stevey says


    I have the camera and an outdoor dome from hong kong ( can be bought on eBay ), they work great together. I have everything working except email alert. Can you describe set up if you keep a computer on all the time on the local network for FTP.

    Many thanks


  47. Chris says

    Hi mark. My sister in-law figured out the port forwarding for me. She actually made 2 Dyndns accts. For each camera. Im now up and running, still trying to figure out how to get email alert working though.

    • says

      Hi Chris,

      You only need one Dyndns account. A single account is capable of hosting multiple cameras.

      The dyndns account you create points to your IP address.

      Individual cameras are accessed by a unique port number you assign them.

      Analogously speaking, think of a Post Office Box. The address where your mail is delivered has a physical address (building) where the mail is delivered. This is the IP Address.

      Within that building there may be many different recipients. Each is assigned a unique number (P. O. Box) so the mailman knows who to deliver it to within the building. This is the port number.

      So essentially the single dyndns account you create gets you to the physical address. The port number gets you to the individual cameras.

      Hope that makes sense.

      BTW, did you get email alert working?

  48. Sierra says

    Any thoughts on using these Foscams for streaming just live video without the camera interface — essentially a public web cam. Wondering if there’s a way to access the stream without requiring login. I’ve had some success by hitting the video.cgi file but login is a hurdle, and so is the ActiveX vs Server Push modes.

    • says


      There are two ways to do this. Both ways require that you setup a guest account that has Visitor privileges. Make sure you don’t give them admin or control privileges otherwise your guest will be able to hijack your camera.

      The first way streams live video but only works if your browser is using firefox or chrome.

      Live Feed

      The second way works for all browsers but does this by reloading still images at set intervals (say every second).


      Hope this helps.


  49. says

    Although I got mine up and running in just a few minutes, I was still looking for new tricks and tips.
    By far the best site/blog/page/forum all in one. Congrats and Thanks.

    • says


      You are too kind. Thanks for the extremely kind feedback. Hope you are having a blast with your camera.

      BTW, if you haven’t already downloaded IP Cam Viewer for Android make sure you get it. It’s the thing people ooh and ahh about most when I show them how I can view, talk, listen and control my camera from my phone. Plus I love checking in wherever I am.

  50. AP says

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for all the information on FosCam 8918.

    I just got this IP Camera. However some how I am unable to access it remotely. Here is my setup.

    Router: Dlink DIR-655
    Assigned static IP to FosCam:
    Virtual server enabled on port 8090 (both private and public) for (LAN IP for FosCam)

    On FosCam
    Under Basic network settings
    Obtain IP from DHCP Server is unchecked.
    IP Addr:
    Subnet Mask:
    Gateway: – LAN IP of DIR-655
    DNS Server: – LAN IP of DIR-655
    HTTP Port: 8090
    Network Lamp: Checked

    With the above setup I am unable to access FosCam remotely using http://WAN-IP:8090/. I tried creating a dynamic dns but still no luck.

    I am check “port is closed” message when I used Port-Checker utility. So I checked with my ISP and they are not blocking any ports.

    I am able to access it within the network using

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


      • Tony says

        For me, work within my network, but I can not make it work outside of my network? can you help, please. I got the address for outside address as Thanks in advance.


  51. Shahaf says

    No Picture when connecting remotely to Foscam FI8918W
    I got the Foscam FI8918W and after long searches and reading posts, manuals etc. I succeeded to connect to the camera (placed at home) from my work. However, I don’t see any picture. After I login and the “Real-time IP Camera Monitoring System” is up, I get an error saying “IPCAM : Fail to connect to the device : Illegal params” and then the screen stays black and the camera 1 light on the left is not green, red or gray but yellow.
    Anyone can help? I can’t monitor my home…


    • says

      Make sure you are logging in with the correct browser. There are two options:

      ActiveX Mode (For IE Browser)


      Server Push Mode (For FireFox, Google Browser)

  52. Jamie says

    HELP PLEASE!!! I bought a Foscam off of Amazon and I can not get it to work correctly. When I download to IP Camera Tool it always says “Subnet doesn’t match”. I have tried imputing everything and nothing seems to work. Can you walk me through it step by step and let me know where I can find everything. Sorry to be a pain

    • says


      Try double clicking on the words “Subnet doesn’t match”.

      Then check the box “Obtain IP from DHCP server” and click “OK”.

      Close the IP Camera Tool program

      Wait 30 seconds

      Re-open it and your camera should appear

  53. says

    I have tried using the enbed code provided above and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any thoughts that may help me? Thanks!

  54. says

    Mark, thanks again for your timely reply. Sorry for all these postings but I am still not able to get the camera on firefox nor IE using the codes provided. I can access the camera remotely using IE and firefox and using my DNS URL with port number but can’t figure out why no internet access. Can the issue be with the web hosting provider?

    • says

      OK Pete,

      You had two small typos that were killing you.

      Here’s the fixed version. Feel free to copy the code.

      Also, you may want to change the password to keep prying eyes away until you get the camera setup at its final destination.

  55. David says


    I find your efforts to assist people rather incredible. Many thanks for the effort to assist so many who are having problems.

    Now for my case. I can run and view the system on an internal network. After much effort I finally figured out how to get a dyndns account. I have tried to visit the camera externallyover the Internet using the code When I enter this code using an IE browser, I get to the Active X screen, enter the user name admin, and get the viewing screen I would expect but no view from the camera. All the lights are basically off indicating that I did not reach the camera. Using this same address, however, I can get it to work using the android application from IP Camera Lite. This would seem to imply that the port forwarding is working correctly. Would appreciate any additional thoughts. Thanks again for such a magnificient effort.

    • says


      Sounds like you are using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. You have to use the 32-bit version for it to work. I just put all the details for this in a response to another one of your questions above. See it here.

      Let me know if this solves your problem.


      • David says

        My version is 9.0.8112.126412IC, Cipher Strength 256bi of Internet Explorer. There is no indication that it is a 64 bit version.

        • says

          My version of Internet Explorer seems different than yours.

          My 64 Bit Version
          9.0.8112.16421 64-bit Edition

          My 32 Bit Version

          Your Version

          I can’t tell if yours is 32 or 64 bit because the version you listed does not appear to be in the version history.

          Make sure you have the latest version. You may need to upgrade your browser.

          Then for kicks, try launching the 32-bit version directly from the following path.
          C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

          Once launched try logging into your camera from it.

          Also, send me the version information from this instance so we can see if you have the latest and greatest.


  56. Gary Harris says

    I purchased the Foscam F18918W but can;t seem to get past the installation. I followed the instruction exactly but the software won’t seem to load on my PC. I am using Windows 7 64bit. Any ideas? when I click on the icon, i am asked if I want to remove it as it has moved. This is all after following the restart as well.

    • says


      The “installation software” is just a tool to help you find your camera’s IP address on the network. I can’t tell from your description, but if the IP Camera Tool displays a URL to your camera, copy and paste it in a browser to access the camera control panel. That’s what you want anyway as that’s where all the magic happens.

      Some other tips:

      Make sure your camera is physically connected to your network during the setup process.

      Also, if you have not already seen this troubleshooting guide check it out.

      Lastly, if it makes you feel any better. I am running mine from a Windows 7 x64 computer as well. It really doesn’t matter however because the camera doesn’t care what the operating system of your computer is. It’s its own computer and you access its interface from a web browser.

  57. bard says

    hello…can u help me…when i start my camera…its not moving at all like normal…nad when i try to search the camera using ip camera tool…there is no ip address…why? can u help me to slove this problem

  58. Craig says

    Gary –
    I am on COX cable in Phoenix and they seem to change my WAN ip address frequently. I have the Foscam F18918W here, (brand new) and I checked the box to report IP address via email, but that does not seem to be working. I get motion pictures emailed. what do I need to check ?

    BTW I have a 18908W at another location and it does the IP address email perfectly.


  59. Will says

    Great article. I’ve been playing with my FOSCAM fi8918W for a few days now and can’t seem to get remote access to the cameras. When I enter the gateway information into the camera it tells me it’s a illegal parameter. I’ve tried just about everything i can think of. any ideas? FYI Im running a belkin N750

  60. says

    Your information is super! I purchased the FI8918W and the set up was a breeze, thanks to your code and advice. I have the camera running as a “bird cam” and one thing I didn’t notice, even in your demo video, before buying the cam was the problem with color, especially green. With the Foscam leaves appear ghastly. I’ve found enough forum postings to confirm that this is a problem with the Foscam, not just my hardware. Since there are no color controls for the camera, I wondered if you’ve tried to solve this problem with IR correcting filters or anything else? Many thanks for making the setup so simple… having live video of birds on my birdcam site (even with funky color) is much better than the single images from my other bird cams: Axis 2100 and TrendNet cameras.

    • says

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for your kind words. The color reproduction is rather atrocious, but for my application (as a security camera) it is not that important. As a result I have not done anything to try and improve it. If you figure something out I would love to hear it though. :)


  61. Syn says

    Hello Mark,

    I purchased the Foscam FI8918W after reading your review. I have a bit of a problem and would appreciate it if you can help me.

    I am able to configure the camera to connect wireless. I even checked my router to see if the camera is connected which it is with an IP address. The problem is I cannot get into the Camera’s UI page when the camera os connected wireless. I typed in the camera’s IP in Internet Explorer but the page is timing out.

    When I launch the IP Camera Tool it is not seeing the camera when it is connected via wireless.

    I have no problem getting into the UI when the camera is hard wired to the router. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says


      Your camera’s assigned IP address will most likely be different depending on how you connect to it. Unless you assign it a static IP Address, your camera will have a unique IP Address when you connect to it wirelessly, and another unique IP address when you connect to it physically through an ethernet cable.

      If you can see the wireless IP Address assigned to your camera in your router point your browser to that address.

      Also, I would recommend that you go real basic during the initial setup process.

      1) Make sure you update the camera’s firmware. Mine is:

      Device Firmware Version
      Device Embeded Web UI Version

      So make sure you are using that version or better.

      2) Once the update is complete, make sure you properly cold boot the camera by disconnecting the power waiting 10-15 seconds, and then re-applying power.

      3) Make sure you update your wireless router’s firmware and cold boot it as well. Old firmware can have unresolved issues that will prevent you from connecting to your camera (or other wireless devices).

      4) If you have a wireless N router, make sure that it is configured to work in mixed mode so your Foscam camera (which supports 802.11b and 802.11g) can attach to your network.


      During the initial wireless setup I temporarily turned off my routers wireless security until I got things going. Once I was able to connect my camera to my network I turned wireless security back on.

      I did this because it allowed me to quickly determine that the security protocol I had chosen did not work and play well with my router (which prevented me from connecting wirelessly as well). After making this determination I was able to find an alternate security method that did work.

      Of course, disabling my wireless security temporarily exposed all the computers in my network to external attacks, so if you try this be aware that others may be able to log into your network and access your data at that time.

      I mention this because as I write this I do remember having problems connecting wirelessly initially because I assumed the security method I had selected would work. Which ultimately was not the case.

      As a point of reference, I am using WPA Personal (AES) and the camera works fine.

      Good Luck,


  62. Syn says

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I got the camera to work following your instructions thanks!

    Do you know if there’s a separate program you can use to view/control the camera instead of using the browser?

    I have the camera set behind the window pointed towards the front of my house. I really like the camera except that when I turn on “night vision mode” the infrared deflects off the window and all I can really see is the bright light. I was hoping I would be able to see the front of my house when it’s really dark outside.

    It works great inside the house though in a dark room. Oh well I guess there’s an outdoor foscam model hehe. Thanks again for the help and if you have any more tips please let us know.

    • says

      Awesome! Glad you were able to get it working.

      The infrared light will bounce off of stuff close by. It’s not really meant to have a windowpane in front of it. You could try to put a solar powered light outside to provide illumination at night and turn off the IR on your camera. Just thinking out loud.

      As far as other programs, I am sure you can find something. I am using my android tablet and phone to control and interface with it. IP Cam Viewer is the name of the tool and it is awesome.

      If you find a stand alone program that helps you control it please share it here. I would love to know what other options are available.


  63. Ben says

    Hi Mark,
    Great thread, was reaaly helpfull in configuring my cam.

    Changed the password on the admin user and as expected cant remember what it was. Found in your thread the instruction you found on the Foscam user manual but cant seem to get it to reset. Also I am not clear as to the instructions themselves>

    Press and hold down the RESET BUTTON for 30 seconds. Release the power button and the username and password will be reset back to the factory default administrator username and password. Plug the power when doing reset.

    -Release the power button – my camera has no power button, I assume this refers to the reset button, tried that to no avail. I also tried holding the reset button for 30 seconds then unplugging the power cord, that did not work either.

  64. says


    As you noticed, I copied the password reset procedure directly from the Foscam User’s Guide. I imagine that they meant to say “release the reset button”.

    I believe the reset procedure is no different then resetting a router.

    Try the following:

    With the camera plugged in

    1) Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. You will need a paper clip or something to do this. Make sure you hold it steadily for the full 30 seconds and don’t slip part of the way through. If you do slip start again.

    2) The camera will probably power cycle itself part way through.

    3) Once you are done holding down the reset button for 30 seconds wait about a minute before trying to log into it again.

    Username should be: admin
    Password should be: (i.e. nothing, empty string)

    4) If you still cannot log in, cycle the power on the camera by removing the power cord, and waiting 10-15 seconds before reconnecting.

    5) Once reconnected wait about 45 seconds to 1 minute before attempting to log in again so you can give the camera time to reconnect to your network and fully power up.

    Let me know if that helps.


    • Ben says

      Thanks for the tips Mark,
      Eventually I figured out that the camera was not resetting due to the fact that one of the legs of the micro-switch had become disconnected from the board. Re-soldered it and all is well. Have to say that the component soldering and general innards seem a little flimsy, but for the price we paid I would be willing to solder and put the the whole thing together from scratch myself.

      Thanks again.

      Any chance you can recommend an after market PC software with decent recording capability?

      • says

        Hey Ben,

        You went hardcore! Busted out the soldering iron and everything. Glad you figured it out and were able to fix it.

        With regard to recording video, I don’t have any specific software recommendations.

        I have a Synology DS1511 which I purchased to store my family’s pictures and home videos on. I have it setup in a RAID 1 configuration so that data I write to one drive is automatically copied to the other.

        I mention this because the device has a robust operating system which includes a Surveillance Station component that lets you monitor and record video from your IP Camera.

        Best of all, since it’s a NAS you don’t need to have your computer on for it to work.

        I have not connected my camera to it yet because recording is not a feature I need at the moment. Perhaps if I do I will post a video about it. :)

        Anyway, if you find something good I would love to know.

  65. Dan says

    If anyone is having problems with this camera recognizing your wireless security infrastructure when trying to connect via wireless mode, make sure you do not have a 64-bit share key or passcode setup. I did and it kept showing my camera as “Infra:NONE”. As soon as I changed to a smaller passcode, it recognized my wireless security as WPA2 Personal (AES) and I was able to connect via wireless mode.

  66. zougas says

    I bought the fi8918w 2 months ago and works fine. I watched from my local network and from internet and from my windows mobile with no problem. But i wand to know if there is possibility my camera to go by preset point to present point automatically, even by 3rd part software or skript. My camera i used like a safe camera.
    thank you and congratulation for your answers

    • says


      I don’t know of any specific tools that do this. That does not mean that it can’t or hasn’t already been done.

      If you are feeling especially heroic you can certainly script something.

      Here’s an API document in the event that you decide to go that route.

      IP Cam CGI SDK

      Good luck!


        • zougas says

          On applescript i found this result:
          tell application "Safari"
          -- open the locations in separate tabs
          tell window 1
          open location "http://x.x.x.x:8080/decoder_control.cgi?command=31/user=admin/pwd=xxxx"
          delay 20
          make new tab
          close tab 1
          open location "http://x.x.x.x:8080/decoder_control.cgi?command=33/user=admin/pwd=xxxx"
          delay 20
          make new tab
          close tab 1
          open location "http://x.x.x.x:8080/decoder_control.cgi?command=35/user=admin/pwd=xxxx"
          delay 20
          make new tab
          close tab 1
          open location "http://x.x.x.x:8080/decoder_control.cgi?command=37/user=admin/pwd=xxxx"
          delay 20
          close tab 1
          end tell
          end tell
          end repeat

  67. Eddie says

    Awesome thread! I just received my third Foscam FI8918W because the first two would not even turn on. However, Amazon refunded graciously.

    The third one powered up and configured perfectly. I also configured port forwarding however when I attempt to connect the connection hangs at the Device (anonymous) page and will seldom make it to the login page. I have never made it past the login page as it just sits there.

    I did perform a speed test useing a free service over the internet and not too sure how reliable that is but I’m getting a painful 320 upload with a 2.8M download. I know the upload is a bit slow and just a little bit less than yours but I would think I should still see something.

    I’m using a blackberry tethered to my laptop to check the remote connection but I know that’s not a problem as I’m able to see a friend of mines camera (same model).

    Any idea :).

  68. says

    Hey Eddie,

    I do not know what you mean by it “hangs at the Device (anonymous) page”.

    Try connecting to your camera with your laptop directly. The browser interface works with IE, FireFox, or Chrome. Using your RIM tethered to your PC adds another level of abstraction that may be the cause of your problem.


    • Eddie says

      Hi Mark,

      What I mean by hangs it attempts to open a page in the browser and on the tab for the new page it says “Device (anonymous)” and sometimes it will make it to the login page but usually not.

      At first I did suspect the laptop tether to be a possible issue but I can connect to a friend of mines okay. Slow but still reasonable.

      I was able to connect via my laptop when I’m connected to my local network. Only when I’m trying to go over WAN is when I have an issue. Have used both Firefox and IE successfully.

      Thanks for your help!

      • says

        OK, understood. Thanks for clarifying.

        Let me ask, does it work when you use a browser on your PC via WAN?

        I just want to make sure that we have the RIM tether thing out of the loop during testing.


        • Eddie says

          No, I have never been able to get my desktop to route to an external IP and then back in. I’m not sure what controls that. I have confirmed that by trying to connect to some other gear I have on my internal network that has port forward and can successfully connect via my tethered laptop.


          • says


            Are you using Also, what browser are you using to test this thing?

            If you could use a computer outside your network to test things it would be best. I still don’t like the phone tethering thing through your phone because it introduces too many variables.


  69. David Clemm says

    I have a Netgear Router in my home. From time-to-time I have a power failure while I am traveling and away from the home . It appears that the power failure causes me to lose the connection with the wireless camera over the Internet through Is there any way to reestablish contact with the camera remotely or must the Foscam Camera always be connected to the router to reestablish contact?

    • says


      Have you assigned your camera a static IP? If so, it should reconnect and be visible via the Internet after a power failure.

      I have power failures all the time (Not proud of that) and typically things restore themselves unless power to the camera is removed like when a circuit breaker trips.

      On occasion I do have to cycle the power on the camera though to get things back online but both scenarios are not caused by a router issue.

      You may want to try cycling the power on the camera by pulling the plug when this happens to see if it is your router or just the effects of the temporary power outage.

      Once we know with certainty we can see what your options are.


      • David Clemm says


        Thanks for the response. First comment is that I Obtain IP from DHCP Server rather than static. Is this a problem? This seemed to work best with Netgear product. I also have no idea when the next power failure will happen so unless I am just testing by unplugging things, I am not sure how to accomplish what you suggest.

  70. says


    I apologize in advance if this is not clear:

    Normally when you setup port forwarding you tell your router what internal IP address to direct externally received packets that arrive at a specified port.

    By letting your router dynamically assign the IP address to your camera you run the risk of it assigning a different IP address every time the router resets (like in a power outage).

    As a result, when a power outage occurs your camera may have a new assigned IP address.

    When a new packet of information arrives to request your camera feed (like when you are outside your network using dyndns), that packet will be port forwarded by your router to the old IP address.

    That is one scenario that may cause your camera to not be available after a power outage.

    That’s why a statically assigned IP address (at least for your camera) is best.

    OK so I am giving you one scenario based on the little information I have.

    Your best bet is to make sure that your router’s firmware is up to date. Many a problem is solved by a firmware update.

    Then, try the controlled test of accessing your camera from outside your network and removing power via its plug. Wait ten seconds, plug it back in, and then wait another two minutes before trying to access it again from outside your network.

    This will help us understand if your camera is capable of reconnecting with your network after a power failure.

    If that works, try the same test but this time instead of removing power from your camera, you remove power from your router.

    Let’s see where we are after those tests.


    • David Clemm says


      I reset camera to a static IP connection and then performed both tests as you suggested. In both cases the camera came back on line. I guess I will just have to wait for another power failure but it appears that by changing to a static IP connection that things now work as they should.


  71. T Nichols says

    Sounds like you know your stuff and my problem is that the software will not load the camera tools, all i get is “remove ip camera” nothing else listed,thats it, i am running windows 7 64 bit……….Thanks

  72. Ray says

    I just got my foscam f18918w camera and am having trouble installing it. I ran the software and setup but had to repath the shortcut. This opened the ip camera tool but there us noncamera found. What do I do next?

  73. Ray says

    I was able to obtain my camera ip using dhcp. However now when I get to port forwarding I am lost. I have a zhone 6218wireless modem router from my Internet provider. I did find a section under advanced setup> virtual server that will allow me to do port forwarding. It automatically adds the first 3 sets of the ip address so I added the last set but what do I put in for external port start and end? I tried a couple things but I still cannot access my camera by typing in the address like what is shown on page 16 of the instructions. I did a google search and found an explanation and downloaded a program from portforward. Com. But when I ran the program it could not ping my router. Any advice on how to do port forwarding on my router?

  74. Ray says

    I did finally get my Foscam setup wirelessly but I am still having trouble with Port forwarding on my Zhone 6218 wireless router/modem.

    • says


      Glad to hear you got wireless working. As far as port forwarding is concerned it gets a bit tricky because everyone has different routers and modems.

      Have you checked out the manuals that are posted here. They show one way to do it.

      Here’s the thing. You are going to have to port forward from your cable or DSL modem (not sure which you have but I assume you have one) because that is going to be the firewalled gateway into your house.

      Depending on how your system is setup you may also have to port forward from your Zhone 6218 router as well.

      It’s really difficult to tell because there is more then one way to skin a cat and your network configuration will undoubtedly be different then mine.

      If you look at this previous response you can see how I set mine up. It includes how I configured the port forwarding on my DSL modem.

      How I Setup Port Forwarding on My Network

      Keep me posted.


  75. Ray says

    OK I did finally connect to my camera from my work computer by typing in the router address at home. It is slow and after prompting me to load ActiveX it does open the Foscam IP camera log in screen. I log in and wait a while. when the camera view opens it does not have any cmeras to click on under device status. And I cant get ipcamviewer to work at all on my iphone. I would like to make sure this works for my iphone before I invest in an app. any ideas on the missing camera thing and any decent free viewers?

    • says


      Tested Internet Explorer Active-X interface today and noticed that the live feed does not show up on mine either. Not sure why. Have to look into it.

      Try using Google Chrome (which is what I use and works fine) and logging in with the Server Push Mode Login button which is right above the orange Attention button on the main login screen.

      As far as IP Can Viewer I have it for Android and it works perfectly as shown in my video. Not sure what you are missing in your configuration. Make sure you put in the external ip address and proper HTTP Port for your camera along with the correct login credentials when you set it up.


      • Ray says

        I downloaded Google Chrome and I can view the camera. However I cannot get any audio. I clicked the audio text and it said if there is no audio, click link to download plug-in. I did this but still no audio. I also tried it with Firefox and I get the same message even after I downloaded the software. Any ideas?

        Thanks agin for your help.

        • says


          Glad you can view the camera now.

          I don’t know if the audio will work in Chrome. I should have mentioned that. :0

          Take a look at this comment thread for a discussion I had about this before with someone else.

          • Ray says

            I checked and I am running explorer 9 in 32bit. When I log on to the camera using explorer, the radio bitton for camera number one turns yellow. After about 15 seconds I get a message that says:
            0 : Fail to connect to device : Disconnected by the device
            when I choose OK, it takes me back to the camera log in page.

            I read and followed other post that you linked but still cant log in all the way using explorer.

            Any ideas on the error?


          • says


            I noticed IE wasn’t working for me as well but don’t know why. I access my feed through Chrome. If I need sound I use IP Cam Viewer on my Android phone.

            If you figure out why IE is not working let me know.


  76. Luka says


    I have two fi9818w cameras and they are workink OK. The problem is that the first camera send me 6 pictures on mail when alarm is triggered, the second one just 4 pictures. Can you help? I would like that the second camera would send me also 6 pictures.
    I would also like to have date and time on these pictures. Is this possible?

    Thank you and kind regards,

    • says


      That’s strange. It’s supposed to be 6 pictures. Try changing the Upload Interval to 1 on the camera that is only sending 4 pictures.

      Also, make sure the firmware on both cameras are the same and up to date.

      Lastly you may want to factory reset the camera that only sends 4 pictures to see if that resets things. It’s possible that your camera is in a goofy state.



      • says

        I already have uploaded interval set to 1. I will try to factory reset camera, than I’ll let you know what happened.


        • Luka says

          Hi Mark,

          Now its working, but I didn’t do a factory reset. I only reset camera twice and now it sends me 6 pictures –> its strange.

  77. Artur says

    Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I’m in a bit of a pickle here. Earlier today I changed my modem/router wireless password. I forgot to log in to my foscam FI8918W before to also update the password so the camera can connect to the modem/router. Result? Can’t access the camera wirelessly nor through LAN. My Windows 7 not even recognizes the camera when I plug the cable. Any ideas?

    • says


      Well, we know why you can’t access it wirelessly. ;)

      As far as your wired connection is concerned, it is possible that your camera has been assigned a new IP address. Once your camera is physically connected to your router go through the discovery process all over again (like you did when you first got the camera). Make sure its wired IP address is the same as what it was before you changed your routers password.

      Let me know what you find.


      If that doesn’t work you may have to reset the camera to its factory defaults and start all over again.

  78. rijil says

    Dear sir i had purchased a foscam ip cam f18918w six months ago , i had properly installed it and it was working fine , even it was working fine on my android smart phone. All of a sudden it had stopped working. Now i did the reset , but when i plug the ethernet it works , and when i unplug , it wont connect on wireless. Please help me to get it properly install. Please do reply or email me.



  79. rijil says

    sir can you be online to give me step by step instructions to get my foscam cam install today. Thank you

    • says

      Sorry Rijil,

      I wish I could but that’s beyond the scope of what I am able to provide. There’s just too many people with too many hardware configurations and too little time in the day for me to provide live support.

      Your best bet is to contact Foscam directly. Perhaps they can help you get squared away.



  80. Scott Magee says

    Hi there thanks for your efforts in helping with the Foscam ip camera. I have the Foscam FI1918W camera.
    I think a lot of readers get confused when they can view their camera from there home, but can not view it from outside there home. Maybe they are forgetting there is a difference between local network and remote networks. Ie. An IP address like or are examples of local IP address, addresses accessed from within your house / office etc.
    IP address like are wide area network addresses. These can either be access from your computer / phone etc that is connected to the internet, via a modem or router.
    The numbers after the “:”sign are called port numbers. These are what the router uses to connect to a local ip address and device.
    To access your camera from outside your local area network, you must know your wide area networks IP address. this will be found in your router. This is the number asigned to your router when it connects to the internet, and it can be either a fixed number, or assigned dynamically (it changes each time you connect).
    A fixed ip is best I believe for our camera purposes, as you dont need to set up another dns server to view your camera from outside the local network. If you have a dynamic address, you will have to set up a DNS server for outside viewing, from a phone or computer when away from home.
    Just make sure, if your home, use local ip
    if away from home use your wide area network ip address. And after either address put :???
    replace ??? with the port number you assigned to the camera.
    Hope this helps.
    ok now another question. My 2 month old camera loses its wireless link… Ive tried setting static ARP to my ip address. Still drops out.
    Also, the camera has only ever done pan and tilt once. Will no longer tilt, but will pan. any ideas?
    Also for other readers, there are ways to automatically set the camera to pan at a set time interval.. Ie every 2 minutes. I may put the commands here if anyone interested.

    • says


      Great points. Thanks for contributing to the conversation.

      With regard to your camera losing it’s wireless link check the following:

      1) Make sure you update the camera’s firmware. Mine is:
      Device Firmware Version
      Device Embeded Web UI Version
      So make sure you are using that version or better.

      2) Once the update is complete, make sure you properly cold boot the camera by disconnecting the power waiting 10-15 seconds, and then re-applying power.

      3) Make sure you update your wireless router’s firmware and cold boot it as well. Old firmware can have unresolved issues that will prevent you from connecting to your camera (or other wireless devices).

      4) If you have a wireless N router, make sure that it is configured to work in mixed mode so your Foscam camera (which supports 802.11b and 802.11g) can attach to your network.

      Let me know if that helps.


  81. Martin says


    Is there a way to logon to the webgui without needing to manually write your username and password?
    Im thinking of a syntax similar to the CGI SDK using user:username&pwd:password


  82. Scott Magee says

    Hi there updates to latest firmware were done properly. My problems started sometime after the updates, not before. The tilt of camera only worked once on a bootup but no more. Pan works.
    As I thought the camera was a dude, I gave in and bought a new one from a different supplier here in Australia. New camera seems a later model as has 1 audio input and 1 audio output. I decided to NOT update firmware on new camera. If it works why change it?
    Ok, so I set new camera up via cable, all worked well including pan / tilt. As I have many computers I used an older XP laptop.
    Then I decided to try using the old camera as well. I have discovered that by placing it close (a few feet from the router) it has not dropt the network.
    I then did the multi device setup. Mail alert setup as well. And now have also setup 2 routers in house (1 in bridged mode) for better coverage around the house. All is working well.
    I can now view either camera in multiview, and I can also access both camera via my Iphone, either via my local network, or away from home on any computer or my phone.
    I am lucky to have a fixed IP with my adsl2+
    No addition DDNS to worry about as my router external IP address does not change, so much easier.
    Both cameras are currently running wirelesly. I thought the old camera may have has a network problem. First I tried a larger antena on it, didn’t help. But by moving it closer it appears to hold on to the network. I should have tried ethernet cable. But if the new camera works from where the old camera didn’t, I’m sure there’s a problem with the old camera. I let you know if it all stays working a while :)
    Oh one other issue. Windows 7, why wont the tool save or allow a change to folder name / save location in windows 7? I’ll look for an update for those computers with 7 on them.

    • says


      Glad to see you making progress.

      Can you clarify your question at the end regarding Windows 7 (last paragraph in your previous post). I don’t understand what you are asking.



  83. Sean says

    I am getting a Foscam fI8918W. I live in Canada. I looked for a website other than amazon to purchase it. I have discovered there is 2 sites for it in Canada. I called both and neither sounded right. Like instead of one saying hello welcome to Foscam he just said hi. Neither felt right. Can you please give the proper site.
    Thanks for all your help

  84. says

    I want to buy a foscam camera but first i need to know if i can see the camera fron my LG GX500 dual sim . ¿¿¿¿ if not please tell a brnd of a cheap cell phone


    • says


      If it’s Android-based I don’t see why not. If it’s not Android-based, there might be a way but you will have to investigate that further on your own to get a definitive answer. I couldn’t tell you because I have a Droid X.


  85. Per-Arne says

    I got a FI8908W but managed to install the FI8918W- firmware on it. Now I can’t access it using a brwoser. I got Win 7 so IP tool doesn’t seem to work, it’s blanked. I tried Reset-button of course.
    Is this a hopeless situation? Any tip what I can do?

    • says

      Per Arne,

      I would strongly discourage you (or anyone else) from installing a firmware version that is not designed for your specific hardware. Firmware versions are designed specifically for the hardware they are designed for.

      Installing the wrong version will most probably “brick” your device. The term “brick” meaning exactly as it sounds. Rendering your device useless (unless you consider a paper weight useful).

      Now we don’t know for sure at this point if your camera is bricked. My suggestion is that you physically connect your camera to your network and then follow these instructions to see if it is connected and what its IP address is.

      Then, try to find the latest firmware version for your Foscam model and attempt to install it.


  86. Joe says


    Excellent forum!

    I just successfully installed two Foscam FI8918W cams at our other house and now can remotely access them through the IP Cam Viewer on my Droid X. It was a two-day affair that would have been much simpler if only I had found your forum BEFORE I started the project. You have an excellent information-rich forum here.

    I have two questions for you- 1) did you ever install the remote mic and did it resolve the clicking issues, and 2) is there a feasible way of sending a video stream to a remote server? The house where the cams are located is vacant in the winter and there are no computers in the house. The cams are the only items connected to the FIOS router. I am looking for a method to have video uploaded to a remote server whenever the motion alarm is triggered, and then retrieve it on my computer as needed.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    • says


      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      1) I did buy and try the Mini 3.5mm Flexible Microphone but noticed no improvement.

      2) I don’t own it but I have heard that a software tool called Blue Iris may help you achieve what you are looking to do. I would start my research there.

      You can purchase it from the manufacturer directly or from Amazon.

  87. Phil says

    Cutty Sark…Mark,

    Great work btw,

    But I am a wee bit snookered(puzzled lol)

    Can you help me out? I’ve been in and out of the FTP and DDNS (and also hooked up with site done it all,even with the smtp gmail etc)settings configured them all changed this and that and still can’t get it to upload the photo’s to my Gmail account via the motion detect feature,

    Thank you in advance,


  88. says

    Hi there,

    I’ve just setup the Foscam and it’s pretty good. But I have one question if you can answer it!?

    How, oh how do you use the web interface to talk back to the camera? i.e. like in your video example where you talk to your iphone and it comes out of the camera?

    It’s driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.


  89. says

    Further to my previous comment, I can do it through IE, but it’s not a feature through other browers!

    Anyone got a work around for this?

    • says


      I access the web interface using my Chrome browser. You can also access it with Firefox and Safari. You need to use the correct login button depending on your browser.

      For Internet Explorer you use the login button on the top.

      For the other use the lower login button. The words Server Push Mode (For FireFox, Google Browser) appear above that button.

  90. says

    This page, your review, all the questions and answers, is AMAZING. This might be the push i need to finally buy one of these. My last holdup is the color issue, and how to run power to where i want to put the camera (outside corner of the house.) But i wanted to post to say THANK YOU for all this awesome information.

  91. Per-Arne says

    Once I manage to dig up an old XP based computer, it went quite easy. My FI8908W is now back in business! Thanks for the help.

  92. Chromenut says

    Mark, great blog here, and wonderful information. After following your instructions I was able to get my first of two newly purchased FI8918W’s to work. Had problems getting the view on my mobile phone, HTC Inspire 4g, but when I loaded the Android App you suggested it worked first try. Not sure what my browser is doing wrong that I can access it but can’t see the video, but I guess it’s not a huge issue since the Adroid app is working.

    Now, one huge problem – THE AUDIO SUX! I don’t mean it’s low, or it’s bad, no, IT SUX! It’s loud, trashy, staticy, garbled and I can’t hear anything over it. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the first cam or not, haven’t set up the second yet. I need that two-way audio to work, I’ve got a blind daughter and need to be able to communicate with her.

    Now I’ve moved it all over the place, so it’s not just noise, I mean it’s totally trashy sounding, so loud you can’t stand it.

    So, going to try the second cam, but not crossing my fingers. Any suggestions on what could be causing this audio distortion???

    • Chromenut says

      Just an fyi, this camera works fine except for the audio. I’ve listed my phone above, and my computer is a home-made model, all high-end, quad proc, tons of speed and mem, Windows 7 64-Bit Pro. Audio distortion is on both the phone and the computer, so it is related directly to the camera.

    • Chromenut says

      Oh, and one other thing, that VLC multimedia plugin, well it takes a long time to activate the audio, and about 50% of the time it crashes. Now I just tested it with my wife sitting near the camera and she says the speaker is putting out tons of static too!!! So looks like the audio is FUBAR both ways.

    • says

      Yeah, the audio quality is pretty bad. You might want to try plugging in an external mic and speaker to see if that improves things. It does have jacks for both.

      I plugged in an external microphone and wasn’t impressed with the results. I don’t really need the 2-way audio so it’s not a deal breaker for me. But you have different needs.

      If you find a workable solution please let me know.


  93. Chris says

    Hi Mark,
    I have forgotten the username and password i assigned to my foscam FI8918W. I have tried a reset with the reset button, but it appears to not work. Maybe the button is in the wrong spot or has moved in shipping or something? Is there a way to do a soft reset on it to reset the user/pass to admin/nothing?

    Thanks, hope you can help!

  94. David says


    Thanks from all of us for such great help. I am a little stymied by a DNS problem I am having. I have now set up several cameras (with your advice) in different parts of the country without problem. Up until now, all have been on wireless routers attached to cable type connections. My latest attempt is witha wireless DSL router through AT&T. I have an account with that works for the other cameras and thought I would simply set this latest camera through a wireless DSL router without problems. I worked with AT&T to set up the port routing using port 8090 and this does appear in the firewall settings. I have the account set up with but cannot reach it through the Internet. I used to verify the correct IP address. Now I am not sure how to proceed. Would appreciate any suggestions.

  95. says

    Hi re windows 7 from my previous post.
    When I try and change the location of the save folder in admin setup / user of program, it always says “Set the recording path fail”
    It works ok on windows xp computer but not windows 7.

    • says

      Got it. Try launching Internet Explorer as admin. Windows 7 has strong permission issues.

      To do this:

      Right click on the browser icon and select “run as administrator”.


  96. matt says

    Hi all,

    Please help this is driving me mad and its very strange. Set it all up on my iphone and it all works on foscam app – when i am on 3g.

    However when i type into my broswer it brings up my router config page not the foscam! My ports must be open/correct as i can get it all on my iphone.

    anyone help me pleasse

    • says


      Sounds like your port forwarding is working correctly for requests that originate outside your network.

      And something funky is happening to the routing when your requests originate from within your network.

      Just for kicks, try putting the internal IP address and port number for your camera in your browser when you are within your home network. I imagine that works. Right?

      • matt says

        thanks for the quick reply. yes if i put the internal ip address followed by port it works.
        but the cam works on the foscam iphone app when i am on 3g – would this be different to the browser?
        my settings for port forwarding are below. please can yopu check them.

        IP Address Protocol Port IP Address Port
        foscam ALL TCP/UDP 8080 8080

    • says

      OK Matt,

      So I am clear please carefully verify.

      You cannot access your Foscam:

      + Using a browser within your network using
      + Using a browser on your iPhone using 3G or whatever telephone protocol your phone uses using

      You can access your Foscam from:
      + Using an iphone app on your iPhone using

      Can you access your Foscam from your iphone using foscams ip address and port number in web browser on your phone? Example: 192.168.x.x:8080

      Please carefully confirm all these things one at a time so I can have a fuller picture as to what’s going on here.



      • matt says

        Hi mark,
        You cannot access your Foscam:

        + Using a browser within your network using

        You can access your Foscam from:
        + Using an iphone app only on 3g on your iPhone using
        + Using a browser on your iPhone using 3G or whatever telephone protocol your phone uses using

        I think I have an understanding of the problem. My router does not suppor NAT LOOPBACK – a common problem with some routers meaning i cant access within my own network but can elsewhere

  97. John says


    Great info….however, I have not had much luck with this camera compared to DLINK cameras on Blue Iris SW. Seems to lock up and not refresh…..was wondering if you ever tried the Blue Iris SW or if anyone else has and can provide info on what camera settings to set up on Blue Iris to have the same constant and smooth Video IP one would expect to have as a standalone. Love the camera if I can only get it to work with the SW DVR like Blue Iris.

    Thanks in advance!

  98. Matias says

    I can’t access from IE. Firefox, chrome, opera… all fine. But with IE I get an error telling me that the page is unreachable. I’ve tried running as admin, using 32bit version, disabling all security protections… everything!
    Any ideas?

  99. Phil says

    Hi Mark I got it going thanks,
    The thing is when the motion detect armed is ticked it comes up on device status as ‘None’
    and will not send pics to my email address,Sometimes it works most times it don’t.
    What do you think the cause could be?

    • says

      Not sure I understand. What do you mean

      it comes up on device status as ‘None’

      Also, when you check Motioin Detect Armed are you also making sure to click the submit button.


    • says


      Did you set the date and time in the Foscam Camera?

      Device Management -> Dat & Time Settings

      Best if you synchronize with an NTP Server which is an option on that page.


  100. says

    Hiello, I bought the Tenvis 601w WIFI IP camera which I can view individually but not at the same time. The ports are 81, but I don’t know how to port them via my Linsksy router. I set one of the camera in my IP search to 8100 and i can still view it and the other one, but not at the same time. I also understand that Tenvis is a Chinese copy of Forscam. Mark i need some help.

    • says


      I don’t know this camera. With that said, make sure you are using a different port number for each camera. Make one 8100 and the other 8101 for example.


  101. Bill says

    I just LOVE all the info that you have posted, and all the wonderful help you have given to all the people that have asked, without demeaning, degrading, or other rash comments! This type of thing happens all to often on other forums and I can’t stand it because most of the questions are legitimate coming from all different levels of experience.
    You have been gracious and shared your knowledge and experience freely!
    Thank You!
    NOW for my question….
    I do have network experience, electronics experience, and setting my cameras up (I now have 8, four are Foscams) did not give me a problem.
    Dealing with FTP WAS a learning experience for me, but I am getting better with trial and error. My current experience is using Blue Iris, the web posting, recording, FTP server configuration.
    I have a weather station and two cameras (IP) for monitoring the sky condition.
    I am trying to use BI to retreive the images every 30 seconds, then save the images to the local HD, AND post them to Weather Undergrounds FTP server. I am confused as to how to setup BI to do this.
    My MAIN question to you is (and a totally different topic)… When I am using firefox 8 (winxp pro sp3), I have no problem viewing and controlling the Foscams (FI8905 and FI8918W).
    BUT when I use IE 8 (which I hate because of the annoying popup when you start IE), I occasionally get a “failed to connect” popup, but the camera doesn’t go away!
    Could this be an activeX problem the cameras have? I have tried this on 4 different computers on my LAN and get the same thing, so it isn’t the computer.
    Other than this, I LOVE the Foscams! Just a little concerned about the topics that these don’t last very long hhmmmm….
    I have place one of my 8918’s under the eve of my house, and another I mounted in a large plastic salad bowl (turned upside down), that I got from the 99 cents store, to make an “weather proof dome”. We’ll see how long that lasts!
    Sorry for my “post diarrhea” but I wanted to let you know how I appreciate all you effort and help!

    • says


      Thanks for the extremely kind words. I really do appreciate it.

      With regard to your question:

      I use IE 8 (which I hate because of the annoying popup when you start IE), I occasionally get a “failed to connect” popup, but the camera doesn’t go away!
      Could this be an activeX problem the cameras have?

      It could be. Hard to say as my environment is different then yours and I really don’t use IE unless I am trying to reproduce a problem someone is experiencing.
      As you pointed out however, since Firefox does not use Active-X and IE does that would be the prime suspect going into the investigation.

      With regard to Blue Iris, i’m afraid I can’t help there as I don’t own the software.

      I will say, make sure you update the firmware on your camera as it looks like a new version was released just recently. This may improve your Active-X issues.



  102. denise says

    I got my foscam 8918 working wireless but every time i unplug it I have to start over
    I may have to return cause I have no cord long enough form the modern
    help please

    • says


      I am not sure what you mean by:

      every time i unplug it I have to start over

      Are you saying that every time you unplug the power cord you have to reprogram your camera? Please be more specific so I can help you.


  103. E says

    Hi Mark,
    Besides the script to enable the Foscam FI8918W to record to a linux based NAS, have you found any way to connect this Foscam to a NAS withou any script? I do not have this camera yet but wanted to see if this camera is capable of recording to a NAS. Btw, this whole discussion is great, thanks for all the great info.

  104. redstorm says

    My foscam never stays wirelessly connected. Once or twice every day I have to reboot the camera.

    • says

      Make sure your router and camera have the latest firmware version.

      Also try testing if it is a range issue. To do this put your foscam next to your router for a couple of days and see if the problem goes away.

      Finally, if you get a lot of brown outs throughout the day (you know, power fluctuations) it may be putting your camera in a bad state requiring you to cold boot. If that’s the case a UPS would help to keep your camera from getting in a wonky state when the power cuts-out on you.


  105. Bob Dillon says

    Hello Mark,

    My granddaughter tipped me off to your site, for which I am grateful. You are very kind and generous with your time and endlessly patient with all the questioners. Very much appreciated! I bought the Foscam 18918 a few weeks ago. I loaded it on a Toshiba laptop running Windows but using Firefox rather than IE. My wifi router is Cisco and our LAN is simply my computer and my wife’s iMac computer using Safari. I was able to install the webcam ok and get an IP, which both computers can access. Our computers have a static IP.

    I was able to use the webcam on a wireless basis here in the house. But the reason I bought it was to monitor our chicken coop, which is 200 feet distant and down hill. The webcam would not work there. I bought a Netgear range extender, but that didn’t help, so I returned it. I ended up running an ethernet cable from the webcam to the outer and can use the camera that way.

    My frustration is not being able to get any audio. Based on some of the questions you’ve already answered, I assume part of the problem accessing the internal audio is the requirement to use IE as a browser. I cannot access the “For Visitor” function either, but think this is also IE related.

    The real-time screen shot you showed of your front porch indicated three functions under Live Video:
    refresh camera params
    refresh video

    My panel has two additional functions: audio and close audio. I have the same problem as David in his July 23rd post: “There is a requirement to add a plug-in for audio from places like VideoLan but I cannot figure out how to find and input the correct VideoLan plug-in.”

    I read your answer to his post but it didn’t address the problem of not being able to locate any Videolan audio plug-in. I can’t find any way to get audio from the webcam. It’s not the biggest deal, but if one of us is down there, the other in the house could at least communicate. I haven’t used any of the other functions of the webcam, but hope to get some of them activated pretty soon, once I understand how to go about it. I do have the instruction manual on the Foscam disk, which should help.

    I’ve tried to read every posting on your site, but didn’t see anything that addressed getting audio when not using the internal functions. If it’s there and I missed it, I apologize. If you can help me figure how to get the audio working, I’d be most appreciative.


  106. says

    Hey Bob,

    Let me first say that your granddaughter is pretty cool. :) Also, I want to thank you for taking the time to look through all the posts in this thread before firing off your question.

    Before we get started, understand that the audio quality is poor to horrendous at best. That may have been fixed with the latest firmware release which I applied last month but I have not tested it.

    That new firmware release also gives me the audio and close audio options you mentioned when using Google’s Chrome browser.

    I have not bothered to get audio to work in Chrome (since it wasn’t an option before) so I can’t speak to that at the moment.

    With that said. How important is it for you to use Firefox for audio?

    If you are OK with using IE I can point you to a more immediate solution that will help you get the 32-bit version of IE working which has both speaker and microphone support.

    If you need to use Firefox you will have to give me a few days to see what it takes these days to get it to work.

    Let me know and we will proceed from there.


  107. David says

    I have a rather interesting problem I THINK. I have set up two cameras at the same location operating off the same router. Both are accessible wirelessly. Using IP Cam Viewer android application, I can view both cameras without problem which means both are accessible over the Internet. When I enter the DNS address with the assigned port 8090, I can get access to one of the cameras. By using the Multiple Device setting, I can also view as a Visitor both cameras. When I enter the DNS address with the port assigned to the other camera of 8100 trying to treat it as a stand-alone camera, I cannot get access to it over the Internet and get a message . This might be due to the fact that both are on the same DNS. I have also used the same and setup different hosts for each camera through to see if this does something but nothing changes. Is the problem that I am using the Internet connection at my home where the cameras are both located or is there some other issue that you can think of? Thanks.

    • says


      Try accessing both camera’s, one at a time, from within your network using their respective IP address and port number. Let’s verify that you can do that first before we get fancy and try to access them externally via

      If we can accomplish the first task, the next step is to try accessing them via

      You can use a single account to access both cameras. You must make sure that both ports are properly forwarded in your router to their corresponding internal IP address.

      If one camera is not accessible as a stand-alone I would guess the port forwarding is not setup correctly.

      Let me know how things go.


  108. Bob Dillon says

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I’m a little new to a lot of this, so hope my comments back are not too strange.
    1) I prefer to use Firefox but would be ok with using IE for audio. Can I have both browsers and switch back and forth depending on what I’m doing?
    2) Another possibility is using a different computer to set up the Foscam. I also have a small seldom used Toshiba Netbook. It runs Windows 7 and is a 32-bit OS, according to the tab. It has Internet Explorer 8. It says version 8.0.7600.
    Would it be possible to install the Foscam program on this computer, activate the audio, and end up with an IP that could be accessed via the larger Toshiba laptop and the iMac? Or (more likely), will the audio only be available if IE is running?
    Thanks again for your assistance. I appreciate it.


    • says


      1) Yes, you can use both browsers. A browser is just a window to your camera. Nothing is installed on the browser itself.

      2) You can access and control your camera from any computer. Even multiple computers simultaneously.

      My suggestion is to stick with using IE for audio for now. When time permits I will investigate the Firefox/Chrome audio interface. I have not installed the required plugin myself so I can’t speak to that at the moment. Fair enough?


  109. mike says


    I can’t get any picture at all. I can login but the picture is always black. I’ve tried pc with active x, mac firefox and safari all don’t work. Also, I do use the second login and even tried my iPhone

    Any ideas?

    • mike says

      Sorry left out the details, it’s a foscam fi8918w, I tried changing the port number, tried different browsers, both pc and mac. I can edit and configure all settings, use can’t get a picture. It’s either completely black or has a small video icon.

      • says


        If you are using the second login and still can’t get a picture I would have to guess that you are not authenticating correctly.

        For some reason the Foscam interface will still let you run around under the hood without the right username or password.

        All fields will be blank and the video feed will not be available.

        Make sure you go to Device Management->User Settings and have a valid username and password.

        Also, make sure you upgrade your device’s firmware and Web UI Version. Perhaps there is a discrepancy between the two.

        For my Foscam fi8918w I am using:

        Device Firmware Version
        Device Embeded Web UI Version

        Let me know if this helps.


  110. says

    Hi Mark or anyone else that may be able to help.

    Cam: FI8918W
    Issue: Hope to Keep the IR LED’s OFF all the time

    More or less, that is it. Does anyone know how to keep the IR LED’s OFF all the time? I have tried turning them off in the Web interface and then saving the #1 position with SET just in case it would remember that setting, but nope. Every night they come back on or whenever the camera decides it needs to reset itself. (pesky bug) The reason I want to keep the IR off is because this one cam (I have 9) happens to point out the windshield of our motor coach. Thus at night, if the lights come on, it just reflects off the glass. (

    Speaking of bugs…Man do they have issues with the WiFi and the security encryption. Example, here is one cam from the logs of of my MBR1400 Cradle Point router…. Sun Dec 18 20:39:28 2011|INFO|wlan|Client 00:12:7b:58:XX:XX bad ICV (bad security handshake) This happens over and over again, yet the cam does work. WPA2 Personal (Wonder if that has anything to do with the sporadic reboots.) They really need to release firmware more often or at least get someone who really can code for these as needed. :)

    In any case, if anyone knows how to keep them off, that would be great. And Mark, bet you did not expect this page to take off. :) Nice job and great replies.

    Take care all.


  111. val says

    I purchased the same cam,, 3 days ago, can view it at home dsl,, for some reason ddns setup for dyndns is charged now, is there another alternative for dyndns n host addup…pls email me thank u

  112. dgd says

    I’ve read through all the posts and still can’t figure out what to do as per my writing below:
    I have the FI8918W.
    I use an Apple Airport Express.
    The Foxcam IP Camera Tool comes up with or others like after rebooting the camera. That address always changes after rebooting the camera so I always have to change the Apple Airport Express port mapping to match.
    Is there a way to set the address in the camera so that it always comes up the same?
    I am going to add several more cameras and map them to ports 80, 81, 82 etc. and want to give them fixed IP addresses as well.

    • says

      You absolutely can assign them specific IP addresses. That’s what I do to avoid a randomly assigned dynamic ones.

      I don’t have an Airport Express router so I can’t give you specifics on how this is done but I will give you the “high level” overview of what needs to be done.

      1) If your router is configured to dynamically assign IP addresses (i.e. DHCP) you will first need to limit the range of IP addresses your router assigns.

      Example: –

      The above example will allow your router to still dynamically assign 100 IP addresses to the various devices connected to your network.

      2) If your router allows it, assign a static IP address outside the above dynamic range to your Foscam camera based on it’s MAC address.


      3) On your Foscam camera go to Device Management->Basic Network Settings and enter in the static IP address there.

      Example: IP Addr192.168.1.101

      4) Uncheck Obtain IP from DHCP Server

      5) Set Subnet Mask to

      6) Set Gateway to the IP Address of your Router.

      7) Set DNS Server to the same as step 6.

      8) Set your Http Port to 8101 (or some other port that doesn’t conflict with anything)

      9) Click submit and after the camera resets it should work.

      That’s the gist of it anyway.


  113. Manuel says

    I have the same camera and so far it’s good. Couple of questions, what do you recommend for motion sensitivity and the upload intervals in seconds?

    There are times I stand in front of my cam and I don’t receive any motion alerts.

    Much appreciated!

    • says


      That all depends. It’s hard to make a global recommendation because it all depends on your environment. Light fluctuations (like when a cloud blocks the sun) can cause a lot of false alerts.

      For what it’s worth my:

      Motion Detect Sensibility (that’s funny. I think they meant sensitivity) is set to 3.
      Upload Interval (seconds) is set to 1.

      If memory serves the camera will take six pictures when an alarm goes off so the 1 second upload interval means my pictures will be 1 second apart (6 pictures in 6 seconds).


  114. salbers says


    please a need your help to get access out of my home network to my Foscam.
    Im using Linksys WRT54G router and have done a lot of research but still are not able to get it work.
    I tried port forwarding (port 80 & 8100), also have done DMZ allowance, but nothing happens. From inside the network everything is fine. I really dont understand all the dyndns method, I just want to access my foscam with my phone 3g connection. The router setup shows “Automatic Config DHCP” and also de “DHCP Server” is enabled. what else shoud I try? thks a lot… rgrds, Sebastian

    • says


      You only need dynamic DNS (dyndns or other provider) if you don’t have a static IP assigned from your ISP. Even if the IP is not static, do the initial tests with IP only and don’t bother about DNS names for forwarding.

      You need:

      1. configure your camera with static IP (internal network). Don’t use DHCP and also don’t use UPnP.
      2. google “ip forwarding WRT54G – and you will find many pages explaining forwarding for this model step by step. That does not have anything to do with the camera, just the router.
      3. setup forwarding (try different external ports as some ISPs block certain incoming ports)
      4. test the forwarded port with and
      5. If this does not work, have a look at the forwarding instructions at our FAQ

      Guido (,

  115. Joseph says

    Hey Mark,

    Was looking for an answer to David’s LED question and was wondering, if you can point me in the right directions to set up my own FTP server, be doing a lot of reading but don’t understand how the camera will email the pic to the FTP server and then the FTP server will convert them and / or email them to my primary email address. If that is the case why can’t i just have them email to my email address. I get photo’s emailed to me all the time as jpeg and etc to all my email accounts?

    • says


      Great question. It does seems odd that the camera cannot include an attached picture to an email alarm. Don’t know why that is.

      With that said I can clarify the way the current design works:

      Currently when an alarm goes off, pictures are uploaded (not emailed) via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to a server you specify.

      In addition, an email is sent to the address you also specify. This email address includes links to the corresponding pictures on the FTP server. That’s why you need both (an email address and FTP server) to get pictures included/embedded in your email.

      One advantage of this design is that the email alerts themselves are very small because they don’t include pictures, just text that links to the location where the pictures are stored.

      Hope that helps with your understanding.

      As far as the setup of an FTP server is concerned, there are many ways to go. The easiest way would be to setup an inexpensive hosting plan with someone like Hostgator (affiliate link) which is what I use for my camera and this blog.


  116. Tom says


    I am trying to set up my Foscam FI8918W on my Verizon Fios network using my iMac. I have followed the Foscam instuctions: plugged camera into back of my router then to power. LEDs on back of camera all work and look like they connect. The next step is to open the “ip camera tool” downloaded from software disc included with camera, it doesn’t find anything! (My iMac is wirelessly connected to my router). Instructions said to make sure your router is set to DCHP and Mac address filtering is off. I logged into my router in my browser and checked all these settings and they are set correctly. I even reset my router to default. I can’t even locate the Foscam’s ip address from my router. I have looked everywhere for what to do and this site looks like the most promising place for help. Do I need to set up some sort of DNS setting or port forwarding? I am completely discouraged with this installation I am a pretty “techy person” and this is just getting the best of me. Thanks for your help.

    • Tom says

      Just an update: I even moved my iMac and hard wired ethernet to my router and still cannot find ip address of the camera. I also tried to reset the camera via the reset button underneath. I help button for a minute and nothing ever happens. My camera has never done the start up movement sequence. I am beginning to think my camera is defective. Even though all the leds on the back seem to work I think there is something else wrong.

      • Tom says

        Another update:
        Ok, So I created a DynDns host network e.g. Since I can’t find my camera’s ip address, I logged into my router via my new host network. The only thing plugged to my router is the Foscam and none of the ethernet ip’s that I enter into the browser work.
        So I went into advanced settings in my router where you can register a Dynamic DNS. I entered my user name and password from my host name account I created along with the host name. The other options are “wildcard” and connection to update which gives you 4 choices: ethernet,coax,WAN PPPoe,WAN PPPoe2. Are there specific settings I am suppose to enter in this menu and apply to get my camera’s ip address to show up on my router so I can finally access it and configure it? If so please provide the proper settings. I am at my witt’s end about to send this camera back…

        • says

          Hey Tom,

          I see you are hot and heavy into this thing. :) Let’s simplify things (so forget the dyndns stuff for now). What we want to do is connect to the camera directly within our own network before we try to get fancy.

          I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The setup tool that comes with the camera doesn’t always work. The good news is, it’s not really needed as configuration is done on the IP Camera itself. The setup tool’s only function is to help you figure out what your Foscam’s IP address is. Clearly that would be helpful right now but as it is not working it’s not the end of the world. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.


          1) Make sure you physically connect your camera to your router.

          2) Power-up your camera and wait about 60 seconds for it to fully power on and get assigned an IP address.

          3) Now since the setup tool is not working we need to find out the camera’s IP address. If you have an iphone or Android device you can download a free app called Overlook Fing (Apple Version, Android Version). If you have neither you can download the utility for your PC or Mac here.

          NOTE: I have no affiliation with this tool so use it at your own risk!

          If you are using either smartphone app, make sure your phone is connected to the wireless network your camera is connected to. Then run the app and it will scan your network and report the IP address of everything connected to it.

          Your best bet is to run Overlook Fing before applying power to your camera, recording all the listed IP addresses, and then again after completing steps 1 and 2. Then you can compare both lists to determine which one belongs to your camera.

          4) Once you have the IP address of your camera point your browser to that address. Example:

          If all goes well you will be at the camera’s configuration screen. Let me know when you get this far.


    • says


      Not that I know of. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Is there something specific you want to do? Perhaps we can accomplish it without having to log in.


  117. Garry Smithwick says

    I just wanted to login directly and bring up the GUI on my own system without having to type in the user and password each time. I have other ways I can do that, but wanted to use the API if it existed.

  118. Garry Smithwick says

    I have used this code in my web page to imbed the video. It checks for internet explorer and updates every second. For all other major browsers the live video imbed works.

    function reload() {setTimeout(‘reloadImg(“refresh”)’,1000)}; // 1000 = 1 second
    function reloadImg(id) { // Reload image
    var obj = document.getElementById(id);
    var rand = Math.random();
    obj.src = “”+rand;

    if (/MSIE (\d+\.\d+);/.test(navigator.userAgent)) { // test for Internet Explorer
    document.write(“Image Updated Every Second”)
    else {
    document.write(“Live Video”)

    For use on a web site, change the “src=http” in the three places to be your url for your camera.

  119. Garry Smithwick says

    Looks like the “document.writes got edited by the blog.

    The first one should be :

    The second one should be:

  120. Garry Smithwick says

    If I control the camera from my own web site using the decoder_control.cgi api, is there a way to turn the sound on and off? I did not see that as an option/command.

    • says


      I don’t know for sure but a quick look at the code suggests you might be able to toggle sound with the following commands on the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer :

      Sound On = 95;
      Sound Off = 94;

      If you are feeling lucky try using the decoder_control command to send the directive to the camera as follows:

      To Turn Sound On (32-bit version of windows only)


      To Turn Sound Off (32-bit version of windows only)


      This following variables appear to be a list of all the commands you can send to the camera.

      var PTZ_STOP = 1;
      var TILT_UP = 0;
      var TILT_DOWN = 2;
      var PAN_LEFT = 6;
      var PAN_RIGHT = 4;
      var PTZ_LEFT_UP = 91;
      var PTZ_RIGHT_UP = 90;
      var PTZ_LEFT_DOWN = 93;
      var PTZ_RIGHT_DOWN = 92;
      var PTZ_CENTER = 25;
      var PTZ_VPATROL = 26;
      var PTZ_VPATROL_STOP = 27;
      var PTZ_HPATROL = 28;
      var PTZ_HPATROL_STOP = 29;
      var IO_ON = 95;
      var IO_OFF = 94;
      var FILE_NO =1;

      Bonus – This cool command returns a list of all parameters set in the camera.


      Let me know if that helps.


  121. Kevin says


    First off, I want to thank you for all the amazing information you have provided regarding these cameras. You have provided a “one stop shop” for most every issue. So thank you very much for you posts.

    I purchased two of these cameras for use at two different locations. I have spent many many days in the learning curve here and can’t seem to get the second camera working external to the system. I was however successful with setup of the first camera and it works great with the IP Cam Viewer app. With the second camera, I can view the camera internal to the network by using the IP in the browser or the camera interface that came with the package, but just not externally. I have DynDNS setup with my correct IP, and is being acknowledged in the camera software as okay, but just can’t get in from the outside. After reading your postings here several times, and every other I could find on the net, it obviously sounds like a port forwarding issue. I have verified at least a dozen times the forwarding is done correct within the camera setup, the router, and the DynDNS. Are there limitations for running two different cameras out of the same DynDNS account for two different IP’s (different locations / Internet providers)? Also, my Internet access at this second location is by a wireless dish provider. There is no modem, only a POE that send power back to the dish. This is the only hardware between the dish and the router. Not sure if you have heard of any issues specific to this type of setup? Anyhow, if you have any suggestions as to what the issue might be, I would appreciate it.


    • says


      Looks like I missed your post. Sorry about that.

      With regard to hosting several IP cameras with a single account, I want to say I think you can do this, even in your case where your cameras are in different locations.

      I am certain this works if the cameras are in the same network because I do this already.

      I just took a peak at the Pro account interface that I have and it looks like you can get up to 30 different hostnames.

      Hope that helps.


  122. Randy says

    Mark, thank you so much for taking the time to create and maintain this Blog.
    I recently bought a 3-pack of these cameras and have been pulling my hair out ever since. I need this only for the next 90-180 days to monitor my property while it is on the market and I am away from it.

    1) I was unable to get any of the cameras to work wireless until I had plugged my laptop in WIRED to the network. I have both windows and Mac computers. Every thing looks like it’s supposed to but the camera would not actually allow itself to be programmed for the WEP encryption key until I was hardwired in. Yes the camera was hard wired for programming as well.
    2) The software to find the camera’s IP port only worked sporadically on the Windows machine and not at all (yes was trying Mac version) on my MacBook Pro.
    3) Real bummer but apparently you can now only get a 14 day free trial from – so now I am trying to find an alternative free DNS hosting service.

    Anyways I just wanted to drop a couple of notes to you and to thank you…

    Regards – Randy

  123. charlie says

    hi, with a 918, I was have a problem with pan. To try to correct the problem, while remotely viewing and in admin mode, I pushed the reboot option and now I have lost the ability to log in to the 918 at all. I am located 500 miles from the foscams and had a friend remove power and allow the the 918 to reset but still have no ability to connect. What did that remote reboot do? Is there anyway to correct it remotely? Thanks Charlie

    • says


      It’s impossible for me to tell. If you can’t connect to it remotely then you will have to travel back to your camera to investigate. It could be that your camera is assigned a dynamic IP on your network. So the reboot might have caused it to get a new address that you are not port forwarding to. Again, this is highly speculative but once scenario that I can think of that may be causing this problem. The next time you are by your camera (which seems like it might be a while as it is 500 miles away from you), I would test power cycling the device and assuring that you can reconnect before heading out again.

      One other thing you could try is to have your neighbor disconnect the camera and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it, in the event that it is not being assigned a new IP address. It may just be that it didn’t fully and properly power cycle. Again, this is a stretch but at 500 miles it’s worth a shot.

      If you are able to resolve this remotely please let me know how.

      Good Luck!


      • says

        Hi Mark,

        You were correct about the dynamic IP on the network. I found that the cameras were not assigned static IP addresses and when the reboot occurred, it assigned a different address. Once I corrected that all was well with power cycles. Thanks for your insight.

  124. says

    Hi Mark, I wrote earlier but it appears my post is not visible. I installed a 918 and was having problems with pan. While in remote admin mode I pushed the reboot button to see if that would help and lost remote video. I am 500 miles away from the Foscam and I had a friend unplug the power and do a power cycle to no avail. What did my remote reboot do and is there any way to correct the problem remotely. Thanks, Charlie

  125. says

    You are amazing. the time i just spent viewing all your helpful comments is more time than i would be able to spend explaning to to people. That said i’m convinced even a non techy like me can do it. I am going to order two.
    Thank you,

  126. muhammed says

    Hello Mark,

    I configured one foscome FI8918W in our office. May i know how i can configure the same for my IPHONE and Nokia 5800. Thanking you in advance

    • says


      I don’t have an iPhone but I believe IP Cam Viewer is available for it. With regard to your Nokia 5800 I believe that is Symbian-based. Your on your own there.

      App development costs money (to build and support). As a result, developers choose to build their applications for devices that will give them the most bang-for-the-buck. If it’s not Android or iPhone it’s a dying breed (At least in the US).

      There may be something out their for your Nokia but I can’t tell you what. If you find something that works I would appreciate if you let me know in a follow-up as I am sure others with your hardware would be equally interested.


  127. says


    Thanks for the insight on my 918 that lost it’s connection when I did a remote reboot … to give a little more info: Tried having a neighbor power cycle with the 30 sec wait but still no connection. Do you know what the remote does..? Does it cause the foscam to reset any settings? Really appreciate your knowledge. Charlie

    • says

      that should have been? What does the remote “reboot” do?…. does it cause the foscam to reset any setting?
      Thanks again … Charlie

  128. Randy says

    I finally gave up on the Netgear WGT624 and went out and piced up a DLink DIR-655 like Mark just installed with.. The firewall on the WGT624 refused to be disabled no matter what I tried and NG no longer supports it.

    After a relatively pain free setup of the new DLINK Router (which blows away the Netgear in terms of speed) I am good to go.. Simply needed to do a hard reset of the Foscam unit to program a hard coded IP address within the range of the DLInk, then rebooted the whole nine yards.. Viola!

    Now to get back on and resubscribe to the Pro service so I can have cams in multiple locations (different ISPs) – but for now, my one location is online and I can go in directly from or from CamViewer on my iPad or iPhone.

    Oh yeah, with the CamViewer app on the iPhone, the responsiveness of the camera while connected via Sprint 3G lags a bit, but that’s no big deal.. Thanks again Mark for your helpful suggestions and tips!

    • says

      Awesome Randy! Thanks for taking the time to come back and explain what worked. Happy to hear that things went swimmingly for you after the router upgrade. :)


  129. Linda says


    • says


      Go back to the basics and attempt to connect directly to your camera via it’s IP address. Once you get that working you can try to connect through dyndns.

      When attempting to connect directly to your camera from your DROID X make sure that you have your phone’s wifi enabled and you are connected to your wireless network from your phone.


  130. Bryan Crone says

    I have a quick question. I have my foscam all set up and connecting to my phone and all works great however I am having an issue with the user settings, specifically the password. every time i try to change the password from the default or set up another user then save the settings i cant login to the camera anymore. None of my passwords will work and i know i am typing them correct. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    • says


      The Foscam interface can be a finicky beast. Try changing your password to something really simple as a test (Like an 8 character word all in lower case).

      If you are able to resolve your problem and successfully log in, change it to something a little more complex, like an 8 letter alphanumeric string again in lower-case.

      If that works, keep making your password increasingly more complex until you are satisfied with the level of security of your password.

      Going through this exercise will reveal the offending character or password length limits.

      If that doesn’t work make sure you are using the latest firmware version for your camera.

      For reference mine is:

      Device Firmware Version
      Device Embeded Web UI Version

      Let me know if and how you ultimately resolve this problem.


  131. says

    My cam works great I am just trying to be able to veiw my cam from when I am away from home… I am trying to veiw my cam outside your internal network. I’m using mine as a nanny cam. please help!

  132. Paul says


    I’ve used your Board to resolve a bunch of issues over the past months. I have a fully operational system in my home (7 cameras) and I can access all camera’s on my android.

    I decided to venture into email alerts. I followed all instructions and setup the mail service setting and was successful and then did the FTP service settings. I was not successful with the FTP – could not get a success. However, I am getting emails with six pictures attached whenever the camera triggers. There is nothing going up to the FTP server. Everything is working so I hate to have to ask, but I thought the system does not work this way. I thought both the mail and FTP had to be setup.

    Thanks for your time in responding.

  133. Sean says


    Hi mark,

    First of all, I really appreciate your comprehensive and concise blog post here. I have read through all of it over an hour, and I feel like I am really getting to know what this Foscam IP camera is.

    Except that, I just… I just can’t get my camera accessed from outside of my network.

    Things that DO work are:
    -LAN live video
    Tried from my iPhone to access with internal ip address (192.168.x.x) and worked.

    Things that DON’T work are:
    -Using my Internet IP address with the port(62.182.34.x:8000), it doesn’t connect, and Chrome browser says “Google Chrome’s connection attempt to 62.182.34.x was rejected. The website may be down, or your network may not be properly configured.”
    -Tried both with my own WiFi and 3G network, as well as other network (starbucks, school wifi, etc), but didn’t work.

    My equipments are:
    Router: Cisco Linksys E4200
    Service: Comcast Business Account
    Camera: Foscam 8918w
    Static/Dynamic IP: Static

    Router settings:
    Automatic config DHCP
    DDNS: disabled (as my IP is static, I just didn’t try DDNS services)
    NAT: enabled(I’ve tried disabled, but didn’t have a luck here)
    RIP: disabled
    SPI firewall protection: disabled
    Internet filter: all disabled
    port forwarded (PORT# 8000)(I’ve tried different ports, but didn’t have a luck here)
    DMZ: disabled
    UPnP: disabled (I’ve tried enabled, but didn’t have a luck here)

    Camera settings:
    Firmware version:
    DDNS status: No action
    UPnP status: no action
    optain IP from DHCP server: unchecked
    IP Addr: (camera ip, yes)
    subnet mask:
    DNS server:
    http port: 8000

    What can I do to make it work:
    I doubt that firewall is blocking the port, because I have disabled the router firewall for trial (although I enabled back after seeing no improvements). Does firewall setting takes few minutes or hours to be effective?

    Isn’t the whole point of using DDNS service is to keep track of changing IP address? If my address is static, I understand that I don’t need DDNS.

    -Port blocked?
    I have tried wide array of ports. I don’t even have DNS settings to or something for now, so ISP shouldn’t be blocking any ports. Even if they do, because I’ve tried many different ports, at least one should have been worked out.

    -Router incompatibility?
    Anyone succeeded WAN view(without using your own network that is connecting to your Foscam camera)?

    Your help is much appreciated… Thank you very much for your time!

    • Sean says

      In the “Things that DO work are:” section, I used my internal IP address followed by port number (192.168.x.x:8000).

  134. Mark D says

    Ever since I went through my linksys router access has changed. Where you use to enter and then the sign in screen would pop this no longer works. I know it has something to do with but I can’t access my router. I am really trying not to do a total reset any susggestions? Thanks in advance.

  135. Norm R says

    Can you tell me how to have my camera send me an mms text message instead of an email, since I don’t have my phone set to retrieve emails other than manually to conserve battery

  136. says


    Your blog is very informative thank you. I successfully set up my foscam camera and can view it remotely using the dyndns port forwarding. The problem is that when I try to add the second one using the same procedure it doesn’t work or it points to the first camera. The first camera is port 80 and the second I used port 85 (unsure if this is correct) as my Verizon router wouldnt let me use port 80 twice.

    Anyway I’m not sure what to do and could definitely use your assistance. Thanks for your time.


  137. Neil R says

    Hi Mark,
    My camera works great. However, I am using it to record volunteers playing with my son who has autism. The files are recorded in .avi format, which is pretty standard. However, after they are recorded onto my hard drive, when I attempt to play them using a media player, they say “the .avi file is broken” (I use VLC media player, which plays pretty much anything). I want to take the .avi files and burn them to a dvd for sharing with others. Any ideas?

  138. Chris says

    trying to enable my foscam f18910w using a Mac Air running 10.7.2, on a Motorola Wireless Cable Modelm SBG6580. after downloading the IP Camera Tool for Mac, plugging everything in, and get the immediate message, “Anonymous Subnet doesn’t match, dclick to change !”. So I doubleclick, get the Anonymous Network Configuration window. I clicke the “Obtain…” box, then the camer goes through what looks like a range of motion self test, moving around. unfortunately, the same ‘subnet doesnt match’ window comes back”, and that seems to be my infinitite loop of futility. cant even get to the main part of the software, cant get any image, let alone on internet etc. help, please


  139. Gianni says

    Paul, you probably bought the newer FI8910W, not the 8918. The 8910 will attach the pictures to the emails without an FTP server.

  140. Gianni says

    I want to discourage those of you who are using these cameras outdoors from doing so, you may be protecting them from rain but you are not protecting them from moisture and this will damage the internal components.

    They also have an operating temperature range of 32°F ~ 131°F for those of you in colder climates.
    The lower grade plastics and wires will deteriorate and crack in freezing conditions.

    These cameras are not built to be used outside, this is why they sell ones specifically for outdoors. They may work for some time but you’ll be shortening their lifespan considerably.

  141. Eric Weaver says

    Running out of ideas to get the Foscam IP camera to work over the intenet. I’ve correctly configured port forwarding on port 7001 on my ProSafe 802.11g Wireless VPN Firewall FVG318. I’m able to manage that firewall remotely so I know my external IP address is correct. I’ve verified the ports are open by using the port forwarding tester found here: This tool says the port 7001 is open. However I just get a broken page when trying to connect. Obviously, the camera works fine from within my network. The details of the error indicate the connection is getting denied. So if the firewall is letting the connection through to port 7001 and the camera is listening on 7001 what else can be the issue?

    • says

      so did u do this: myoutsideisp:7001 in the url?

      in your router whn u port fordward did you add your internal address with same port number?

      also go to ip config tool an check your router settings it should your internal with same prt number.

  142. Edward says

    It’s a great manual but are there any instructions on useing another DNS service? I’m trying to use NO-IP, it seems like everything is set up for DynDNS but DynDNS is no longer free.

  143. Derek says


    I own a FI8918W and a HooToo HT-IP206, i think they are almost the same, say, appearance, featues, functionality, etc.

    We run them on two different web interfaces, sometimes it’s very confusing because we want both of them to be managed on just one interface. I’ve considered buying one more of your model or one more of HooToo HT-IP206, however, given the fact that i have to spend another tens of dollars (even though HT-IP206 is a lot less expensive than your FI8918W), i gave up the idea.

    The point is, I need to know if you have some universal software or web interface that i can use to manage these two cameras together without having to switch from one to the other, which is causing me lots of hassle.

    By the way, I think it’s better to tell you the features of my HooToo HT-IP206 even i think it’s almost same as your Foscam units.

    – Video features: Adjustable image size and quality; time stamp; flip and Mirror
    – Wireless connectivity: 802.11b/g/n Wireless with WEP/WPA/WPA2 security
    – Network protocol: TCP/IP HTTP, DNS, DHCP, PPPoE, SMTP, FTP, SSL, TFTP, NTP, ARP/RARP, NFS, etc
    – Web browser: Internet Explorer 6.0/ 7.0/ 8.0, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc
    – View angle: Horizontal –270°, Vertical –120°
    – Online management: up to 9 camera users for easy management
    – Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

    You could also go to Newegg marketplace and find their link.

    Thanks for your suggestion.


  144. says

    I’m working through the Quick “Installation Guide for Mac OS” and hit a snag on page 6 fig. 2.0
    My question is where do I find the “Share Key” information to insert in the requested dialog box?

    Thanks, Mark for your great site.

    • says


      That information should exist in the wireless security section of your router. You have to have wireless security enabled to have a “Share Key”. It’s always a good idea to have security enabled if you have a wireless network so that others can’t access your computer.


  145. jose luis says

    hola como estas, quisera saber si existe alguna camara ip, donde tenga el funcionamiento que cuando la persona se mueva de un lado a otro la camara tambien haga lo mismo, mejor dicho que la camara me siga de acuerdo a mis movimientos de antemano muchas gracias, saludos

    • says


      I don’t speak Portuguese but if I understand what you wrote correctly you are looking for an IP camera that includes the ability to auto-track movement. They exist, but I don’t have any experience with them so I can’t offer a recommendation.


  146. says

    I just wanted to say that without your help via all of your posts, I never would have successfully got my cameras working.

    But I did, and am happy I persisted.

    Thanks for the great detailed info….

      • says

        Now I am in trouble again, since changing ISP I now have a Motorola 6580 modem router, and cannot seem to get the port forwarding working at all.

        I hope you can help me this time !!

        Do I need to select UPnP in the camera setup ?
        The modem also has DDNS so do I use the camera DDNS setup, or the modem ?
        Do you know any specifics about port forwarding on the Motorola ? It is not patently obvious what to use, so I have tried the 192.168.x.x:8090 as the internal port and the address I got from as the external — but no success :(

  147. Mark D says

    Greetings Mark,
    Wonder if you can answer the following, Ever since I left my home state with my laptop, I lost contact with my cameras. I still get email alerts if the alarm feature is activated but I can no longer log into my cameras either on my laptop or cell phone. I tried typing the IP address directly into the browser but no response. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance.

    Mark D.

    • says

      Mark D,

      Without knowing more about your particular setup I can only assume that you were accessing your camera with your laptop and phone when you were in the same internal network.

      Now that you left the state you are outside your network and unable to access it. This is all purely speculative of course.

      In any event, the next time you are home make sure your IP Camera is accessible from outside your network and that you have a static IP address for your DSL or Cable Modem.


  148. Ben says

    Hi Mark, I find this post very helpful – seems like you are the “in-practice” expert. I just got the same camera, had a heck of a time setting it up, and am not a computer tech guy, this stuff is way over my head most of the time. But, i got it working on my local network and remotely – though a bit by accident.

    I did set up an account at – seems thats the same place as – or at lease when i type in it goes to Anyway, I did that (and i don’t see a free version, i see a free trial, but they want $20/year after the 14 day trial – am i missing something?).

    My question is that on my remote device – like my iphone, I don’t have my dyndns address, i just have my camera address directly. And under my camera settings under DDNS service I have “none”. It works fine at the moment, by accident. I thought i was using dyndns, but it appears I am not? I read about the IP address changing all the time and that’s why you need a service like dyndns so that it tracks those changes and automatically updates? My fear is that if I mess with that it won’t work. Do I have to plug “” into my camera settings? and then does this then get plugged in as the IP address on my iphone app?, and then to i literally type in “″ when I am sitting at the public computer in the Ameracinn lobby to see my camera?

    I appreciate any feedback!


    • says

      “In Practice Expert” I like that? Is should go with it. ;)

      Looks like is no longer free. It was when the post originally went up a year ago. Nevertheless, I splurged and paid the $20/year because it makes my life easier in that as long as I remember my assigned address, I can always find my way home, even if my router is reset and I am assigned a new IP by my internet service provider.

      I am guessing your iPhone is able to see the camera when you put the camera’s IP address in it because your iPhone is connected to your wireless network via WiFi, correct?

      Once you go out of range of your wifi network you will most likely be unable to see your camera again until you are back within range.

      If your Internet Service Provider provides you with a static IP then you don’t need

      If on the other hand you have a dynamic IP address (one that changes every time your dsl/cable modem is reset), it will make your life a lot easier to have for the reasons you mentioned above.

      With that said, you will enter your DYNDNS username and password information into the Device Management->DDNS Service Settings section of your Foscam administration panel. And for DDNS Host select

      Make sure you hit submit after making this change.

      In your DSL/Cable Modem you will need to make sure that you configure port forwarding such that external requests (outside your network) made to port 8100 (or whatever port you assigned your camera) are forwarded to the internal IP address of your camera (which will be something like 192.168.*.*.

      If you are not sure what the camera’s internal IP and port are set to look at Device Management->Basic Network Settings.

      Once that is done you will be connecting to your camera with something like “″ as you eluded to earlier.

      It’s not trivial but that’s the general gist of what needs to be done and why.

      Hope that helps.



  149. says

    Hi Mark,
    I have a problem with my new foscam I bought, and I have checked out the whole blog for anyone asking the same problem, I did come over one but it did not help me, I also wanted to say thank you for spending your time answering every question. The camera works perfectly but the problem is I cannot hear the audio, when I click on the audio button it tells me to download this plugin from, but I still cannot figure that out. And by the way I am using a mac. So when I login I need to login as the server push mode (for Google Chrome, firefox, and safari). I searched everywhere but I could not get any answers. Do you think you can solve this problem?

    • says

      Hey Matthew,

      The poor sound quality you get from this camera has never really inspired me to get it to work on Google Chrome. I can get it through the Android app IP Cam Viewer and that’s good enough for me. I believe I also got it to work with the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer. If you end up getting it working let me know as it seems to be a common request.


  150. Brael Fergo says

    my foscam fi8918w is not working anymore or responding because the power did shut off in the middle upgrading the firmware. so now the camera is not rotating to start but has power. also ip camera tool is not recognizing it anymore and can’t be access in web browser… please help me with this problem on how to restore the camera.

    • says

      Sounds like you “bricked” it. Removing power during a firmware upgrade is pretty much terminal. The best you can do is contact the manufacturer and see if they will replace it.

  151. Ric says

    Can this IP camera be set to record via motion activation? I’d like to record when my dogsitter comes, so I was thinking that if it could record (to my computer?) when she is in the room with my dog (dog isn’t in the room except when dogsitter comes), then a motion-activated feature would allow the recording to only occur when they are in the room (moving). Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Ric,

      You certainly could do it but it would require special software or hardware (like a Synology NAS) to do it as the camera alone only sends snapshots via email when motion is detected.

      I can’t make any specific software recommendations because I haven’t tried any, but my Synology DS511+ has a neat feature called Surveillance Station that can get the job done.

      Hope that helps.


  152. Bobby says

    Hi Mark,

    Really hoping you can help me here.
    I have four Foscam Fi8918 cameras in my home. I can add them all to one login (Multi-Device Settings) and they work fine, can see them all in the four screen option over my wireless LAN, but I can’t for the life of me see the four cameras together remotely.
    Is it possible to send me screenshots of the step by step procedure to being able to login remotely over IP, and see my four cameras together on the one screen.
    Thank you in advance.
    BTW, I’ve set up a dyndns account and have the camera associated to the main login setup with a address.

  153. Chris says

    I have two of these foscam cameras and I don’t know what the ip address is on them. They were taken down and the network it was attached to has been changed.

    Is there anyway to set these completely back to default settings without getting into the software? I have no way to get into the software because I have no clue what the address is :(

    Can you use a normal network cable on the computer or do you need a crossover cable?


  154. says

    Hi, stumbled upon this Q&A when searching foscam for a specific answer to a question. Found none, so hopefully you can help. Have 4 setup wirelessly and all work fine. Had them constantly recording (business) but used too much hd space. Anyway, set them up to record on motion and they do just fine, however, after each recording stops, the folder that the clips are sent to pops up automatically every time. It’s very annoying and I haven’t found a way to stop it yet. I have the pop up folder shut off (tried both ways). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.

  155. says

    Hi Mark, I used your website a few months ago to setup my Foscam cameras, and after great frustration (before finding your site) I was finally successful. Now, I have changed my ISP and have a new Motorola modem/router [SBG6580), and I am really struggling again.

    This router/modem has DDNS as a setting on it, so do I use the camera or the modem for that function ?

    And I can’t seem to get the port forwarding working in general.

    Starting to pull my hair out — can you help ???

  156. wayne fan says

    my window 7 computer is 64 bit operating system. my camera does not open. after i find the camea and go thru the password screen, the picture is black

  157. Greg says

    Hi Wayne,

    A lot of great information, thanks. I have a Synology NAS and the current operating system indicates support for both FI8910W and FI8918W but only “guard” for the first. Guard is apparently their term for using the NAS to pan and tilt while performing surveillance. I’m concerned about an earlier post indicating inability to email an image with the FI8910W, I don’t see this in what little documentation I’ve found. As background, I don’t want to lose this feature when the camera isn’t connected to the NAS (ex. if I want to temporarily relocate the camera off site, NAS dies, …).

    • says

      Hi Greg… By Wayne you mean Mark right? ;)

      I own the FI8918W so I really can’t talk to the FI8910W. With that said, I believe the email feature (on the FI8918W) will work even when connected to a Synology NAS. Even if you can’t have both functionality it is highly doubtful that you would permanently lose that feature, say when you move the camera to another network or the NAS dies (as you suggested). What I would do is test it. Get the email function working, then connect it to your NAS and see if both still work just to be sure.


  158. says

    Hello Mark…..great website and no doubt YOU are the one that is keeping the Foscam product selling. I thought I could handle the configuration of my new Foscam however….Arrrrrg! I spend over an hour with an ATT internet specialist. He gave up and tossed me to the Tech 360 folks at which time I had such a splitting headache, coupled iwth a language berrier, I tossed in my own towel. I’m now at your doorstep….can you help! Please.

    I’ve a ATT 2wire router with 3 PCs attached and a Foscam model FR4020A2. Like most, I had no problem attaching and make it work to MY SIDE of the router using either a direct connect to my network or using wireless mode.

    I purchased a static IP from ATT and need to set the cam so it will work as stand alone (no port forwarding from my PC) so I can view my biz from home. That’s the problem. Mr ATT worked with me, trying sereral differnet settings in the router without success. When attempting to access the camera via the static IP or the internal router assigned IP, the result was always the same NADA…no connection possible..nor could the IPs be pinged.

    I’m at wits end and am now just recharged enough to try this again. Sure hope you can give me some pointers. PS…I’m able to navigate myself around both the 2wire and the camera fairly well, so maybe with an example of what needs to be set to what, I can do this thing.

    Thanks very much…Earnie

    • says


      Thanks for the flattering comments. Foscam should send me some free stuff. :)

      To clarify, a static IP address is not needed for the camera to work “stand alone” as you suggested. I have a dynamic IP address and my computer is not involved at all because the camera itself is stand alone. At least mine is. I don’t have the FR4020A2 and don’t know its capabilities but if it’s an IP Camera it should work pretty much the same way.

      Let’s first talk about port forwarding, what it is, and why it is needed because I feel there might be some confusion.

      IP Address Analogy
      In order for the Post Office to deliver mail to your house each home has a unique address. This assures letters are delivered to the correct location. The same is true with computers. Each computer has a unique address. This is called your IP address. A static IP address is very much like a home’s mailing address in that it never changes so the post office always knows the exact geographical location to deliver letters and packages. At least for static IP address’s this is true.

      Port Analogy
      Continuing from the previous analogy, letters delivered to an apartment building all share the same physical address. So when the mail man comes to deliver the mail he knows what physical building to enter. The only problem is that more then one family live at this address. To assure the right family gets the right mail, each family is assigned a unique apartment number (within that building). In networked computers, ports perform the same exact function. That is, they more precisely define which computer within a particular network should receive the information.

      In your case, you have 3 PCs on your network and a foscam camera. The static IP address you have helps computers on the internet find their way to your network. But once the package is delivered it is your router’s job to deliver it to the correct device (either one of your three computers or the foscam camera (i.e. apartment)). This is done through port forwarding.

      By default, routers are configured to reject all incoming packets. That is, there is a big muscular guard at the entrance of your building (firewall) who turns away the post man. They will open the door to let mail out, but have strict orders to keep the mail man (or anyone else for that matter) out.

      By talking to the guard and giving him specific instructions he will allow packages in. This is a port forwarding rule. You set this up in your router and say “I would like all deliveries addressed to the ‘Smiths’ to be delivered to apartment 10″.

      In computer parlance it would be, please send all packets received on port 8100 to IP Address (e.g. your foscam camera).

      To set this up you have to use port forwarding and it has to be done through your router.

      For example:

      Under the NAT configuration screen of my router I would do something like this:
      Nat Configuration

      This tells the router what ports I want to forward.

      Service Attachement

      This tells the router where to forward those packets to. In this case it would be the IP address of the foscam camera.

      Of course your foscam camera should be assigned a static IP address within your network and should be listening for the same ports you are forwarding to. It seems like you know how to do that since you can access you camera internally on your network so you just have to make sure you forward to the correct port and IP address within your network and you should be golden.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you get it to work.


  159. says

    Mark….thanks so much for the fast response. I now have the camera responding via internet using my smartphone….AND….using port forwarding…AS YOU DESCRIBED!!

    Now…..a small problem….well maybe two. I can control the camera movements however other than taking a snapshot I can see on live video…..just a blank black screen. I can see the lites on my ATT router running like crazy but no video. Could this could be due to my slow
    DSL? It’s only running at about 1MB. What speed should I be have to support live video via the internet? Also, when I take a snapshot, it works, howver I can not take another and see anything different…..after moving the camera. The first snapshot continues to show even though i (can see that I ) have repositioned the camera and the next snapshot SHOULD change…

    Thanks for your GREAT help…at least now I can talk to the camera over the internet…just a little more to go……Happy New Year.

  160. says


    Am now receiving video and operating the Foscam over the internet! Yeah. Now to get my smartphone to pony up!. I have a Motorola Bravo Android. It connects via internet to the camera, dispalys the menu and allows me to to Admin functions and move the camera however I never see any live video…just a blank screen. When I access the camera (with same phone), in house with my phone connected to the in-house WIFI, I can then see video. The problem with the phone is only over the internet, outside my in-house network… ideas? Thanks

  161. Jenny says

    Hello – I am looking into buying the Foscam FI8918W (Black) Wireless IP Camera for OUTDOOR use but have read nowhere that we can do that. IT looks like you installed it for your front door. How did you do that? Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Jenny,

      The FI8918W is NOT an outdoor camera. With that said, I mounted mine outside my front door on my porch (which is covered) in a way that no rain can get to it. I’ve had mine outside this way for about 2 years and a half now and it is still working great. So the moral of this story is mounting it outside is something you do at your own risk. If you don’t let water or moisture touch it you may be OK. Just know that because it isn’t designed for this application it doesn’t have any protective coverings for the various ports and connections so getting it wet will most probably ruin the device.

      Hope this helps,


  162. Christine says

    Hello! This is a great site! I was wondering if anyone else had the same issues I’m having with the Foscam F18918W. I have it set up to email me alerts when it senses a motion trigger. However, even as I’m testing it, it sends the 6 pictures to my email, but the lag is so great that the 6 pictures are AFTER the event has already occurred, so it’s useless information. I’m trying to capture something happening in my house. I know it’s happened, because I can watch it live on the camera feed online, but the images that are emailed to me are of the room with nothing happening in it. I’m not sure what setting I might have wrong. Hoping someone might have run into this and found a solution? Thank you!