Niche Site Duel – I’m In Like Flynn

On August 16th Pat Flynn of posted an open invitation to a challenge he received to build a Niche site. If you don’t know Pat, he is a brilliant online marketer and entrepreneur who makes his living online and shares his passive income strategies on his blog. He has created online study aids, ebooks, iPhone aps, and a well branded blog which transparently shares his journey as he earns income online. He is probably best known for his monthly income statements that he publishes showing exactly where he makes his money.

If there was ever a Wealthy Affiliate, Pat Flynn is it. Not because of the amount of money he brings in, but because he has achieved his goal of creating a lifestyle that allows him to work from home and spend more time with his family by creating a variety of diverse passive income streams.

I’m in Like Flynn

Suffice it to say that SEO is important to anyone and everyone who is doing anything online; from generating free traffic to a webpage or blog, to lowering the costs of a Pay Per Click campaign. If you have been putting off optimizing your site because it sounds complicated or confusing then you won’t want to miss the Niche Site Duel posts as I participate in Pat’s Duel and openly share my strategies and techniques while attempting to build a successful niche site using a variety of Search Engine Optimization strategies. I’ll put theories to the test, see what works and what doesn’t, and summarize my findings at the end of this brilliant exercise.

If you want to see how other participants are doing make sure you check out the Official Niche Site Duel Hub.

The Challenge

Build a niche site and drive traffic to it through SEO alone.

The Goal

  • Get your niche to the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) for your chosen keyword phrase
  • Get targeted traffic
  • Be transparent in your approach

My Strategy

So today is September 14th and I finally freed up some space in my schedule so that I can compete. I am at a slight disadvantage because of my late entry into the contest, but that should not diminish what can be learned from this exercise. Unlike Pay Per Click campaigns where you can buy millions of clicks in an instant, SEO is a slow and methodical beast. It takes time to establish authority and climb the search engine ranks. Before I begin I am going to layout what needs to be done.

To Dos

  1. Select a Niche
  2. Find a product to promote
  3. Perform Keyword Research
  4. Perform IP Scrub
  5. Purchase Domain
  6. Setup a WordPress blog
  7. Generate Content
  8. Get site indexed by the search engines
  9. Create backlinks to establish authority
  10. Submit to directories
  11. Article Marketing
  12. Social Networking
  13. Forum Submissions

This is the high-level view of what needs to be done at least. In my next Niche Site Duel post I will go into the details of steps 1-5 as I go through the process myself and select my niche.


    • says

      Good question. IP = Intellectual Property. For the purposes of setting up a niche site (or any site for that matter) you have to be careful not to step on someones trademark. It could get you into serious legal issues and force you to relinquish your earnings as well as subject you to personal punitive damages. So part of my workflow is to check the website for any existing Trademarks on the phrase I am thinking about using. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.