Niche Site Duel Part 4 – Purchasing A Domain

So I’ve done all my research and I’m ready to pull the trigger on my domain name. However, a funny thing happened to me on the way to my domain name purchase which has forced me to reconsider my original keyword phrase. I will go over what happened, what I had to do to and why I chose the new keyword phrase best juicer. Let’s get started!

What Happened?

For the past year Google has been experimenting with a new keyword suggestion tool which has been running in parallel with their old one until they worked out all the kinks. About 13 days ago they flipped the kill switch on the old keyword research tool and have exclusively deployed the new one. In response to that, Market Samurai released an update that pulls its keyword research data from this new source (Another reason I love Market Samurai – They are always honing their blade).

In any event, since I had not deployed my new niche site yet, I thought it would be worth investigating what, if anything, had changed with regard to the rank and placement of the original words I was looking to use as my base keyword phrase. Long story short, the new data suggests that although the base keyword phrase juicer machine is still good, there is another that looks even better. So I am pointing my waverunner in the direction of the keyword phrase best juicer and opening the throttle.

Why “Best Juicers”?

I don’t want to belabor the point, but I do have a certain obligation to explain how the new data impacted my decision. I will try to make it short and sweet so we can focus on what this post is really about – Purchasing a Domain.

According to the new data provided by Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Module (above image), best juicers will get me 125% more traffic (SEOT), has less than half the competition (SEOC), and is a little over twice as valuable from a commercial standpoint. That’s huge!

Using Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module (above image) reveals that the competition for this keyword phrase is less steep. There’s a lot of green and yellow here and three of the top 10 results returned by Google are less than a year old. That’s good news for me because I just purchased my domain. With the proper back-linking strategy I should be able to hit the first page as well.

Purchasing a Domain Name

OK, now that we got the back story out of the way, let’s move forward. I know that I want best juicers as my base keyword phrase but chances are I’m not going to get it. In fact, if you look at the SEO Competition above you can see that the first result returned is indeed I’m not a betting man but I can almost guarantee you that you will never get the cool keyword phrase you want because someone beat you to the punch. So what is an enterprising Affiliate Marketer to do?

Be creative!

  • Add a word or phrase to the beginning or end of the keyword phrase you are interested in (
  • Add dashes “-” between the words (i.e.
  • Buy a different top-level domain for the phrase (i.e. .net or .org). Would not go beyond .net or .org though. Some top-level domains are rumored to be treated like spam among the search engines (.info for example).
  • Buy a used domain. Normally we don’t like to buy “used things”, but when it comes to domain names a used domain can be better then a new one because it comes with age. An SEO quality that takes time to build and gives a domain an authoritative edge over ones created yesterday. Of course, like anything in life, a domain that has built a spammy reputation and has been flagged by the search engines as such, will have the opposite effect on your rankings. Like buying a used car, it’s important to know the history of the domain before making your purchase.
  • Change the order of your phrase. (i.e. I personally avoid this but I have seen some success with it. Case in point, look at the SEO Competition picture above and you will see that is the second listing Google returns for the keyword phrase best juicers.

Wealthy Affiliate Tip

Never use underscores in your domain name. They are treated literally when people conduct searches which means, the person has to use the underscore in their search the same way you did for the search engine to return a match. Which is most likely not what you intended.

So Many Domain Names to Try and So Little Time

Let me start off by saying that I am an automation freak. When I can’t automate, I look for the quickest possible way to get through every task. Searching for domain names is no exception so I am going to show you a tool that can help you make quick work of this process. It’s called Instant Domain Search (Bookmark it!) and it essentially does what it says. It helps you determine a domain names availability instantly. I don’t own the tool or know the developer or have any association with it,  but it’s fast, cool and saves me time so I thought I would share it.

Pulling the Trigger

So now that I have found the domain name I am interested in I headed over to GoDaddy to make the purchase. Although I am not the biggest fan of GoDaddy (because of their aggressive up-selling) I do like to keep all my domain names in one place so for historical reasons I continue to purchase through them. Plus, you can always find a good coupon code on the Internet.

I found two GoDaddy Coupon Codes that caught my eye:

  • 26% Off: gda3145a
  • Private Registration $3.99/yr: gdbba1550

The latter saved me more money so I went with it.

Coming Up

In my next entry of the Niche Site Duel I will finally reveal the domain name I chose. In the mean time I will be preparing the site and putting some content on it. I will share the content management system I use, the plugins, themes, and techniques so you won’t want to miss it! See you then.


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